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Olympic Patriotism – Keeping the American Pride Alive

By: Eco Promotional Products, Inc.

Now that the Olympics have come to an end, there seems to be a void many people are trying to fill.  The screams of joy that once echoed through the house at the sight of a winning goal, an amazing leap, or an epic finish line, are now lost in day to day life.  The patriotism of a country is always at its highest during these moments of triumph and the rush of joy that encompasses us is a feeling no one can truly describe in words. The question is how do we hold onto that feeling?  How do we incorporate that feeling into our everyday way of life?

U.S.A. ranked first in the overall medals receiving, 46 gold, 29 silver, and 29 bronze. Our country accomplished such a great achievement, but what is winning if it leads to nothing else?  Every win, every achievement is meant to open the doors to a better purpose, a better idea, possibly even a better world.  So what is to be taken from this?  That question must be answered by each one of us. For U.S.A. Made companies such as, Eco Promotional Products, Inc., and Eco Show Respect, it means upholding the values they have so strongly tried to live by. 

U.S.A. Made companies are the starting line in the race for patriotism in our everyday lives.  Products we purchase, homes we furnish, clothes we wear; these are all things that can be used to support U.S.A. jobs, the local economy, and even the earth’s sustainability.  Companies that distribute, produce, and manufacture USA made products lead to one conclusion, faith in one’s country.  Faith that we can support our own future, faith that we can help other countries, not by relying on them but by creating good, safe, efficient products. 

Helping other countries has always been a vital part of our country’s beliefs. However, before we help or support a country we must first make sure the foundation upon which we wish to support, is sound and stable, otherwise our efforts are for nothing.  We must help the men and woman who work to maintain their families, their homes, and their lives. We must promote an efficient way of life.  By supporting U.S.A. companies, we are doing just that.

So, let’s help keep this feeling of patriotism alive. Let’s help keep the screams of joy in our lives. And let’s help to make the future of our country the future that we have all been hoping for.


About Eco Promotional Products, Inc.:

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is a certified woman owned company providing a full-line of eco- friendly promotional products. EPP helps organizations promote their logo, brand and message in a “green” way. All products are made from either recycled, organic, biodegradable, rapidly renewable resources, made in the USA or a combination of these qualities. Eco Promotional Products was born out of a passion for the environment, with goals of reducing landfill use, respecting our non-rapidly renewable resources, providing exceptional service at affordable prices and being an active advocate for human rights issues.

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