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Welcome to Eco Promotional Products

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is dedicated to supplying a breadth of environmentally responsible merchandise to businesses and individuals interested in sustainability and respecting our natural resources. EPP is the only, totally "green", full line promotional products company in the ASI (Ad Specialties Industry) interested in reducing your landfill usage while projecting your environmental goals.  Our mission is centered on reducing landfill use, reducing our use of non-rapidly renewable resources and being an active advocate for human rights issues; delivered while providing exceptional service at affordable prices for our clients.

EPP researches and verifies our products to be one or more; Reusable, Recyclable, Recycled, Energy Efficient, Organic, Biodegradable, and Made in the USA. In Eco Promotional Products' crusade towards promoting your responsible purchasing, we have developed icons to easily identify the product's environmentally friendly attributes.


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Eco Promotional Product Categories

Earth Day 2015 - Eco Promotional Specials
Earth Day is a day to celebrate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint using recycled, reusable, biodegradable, sustainable, locally sourced, and perhaps organic products. Help celebrate and promote your brand at the same time! Check out our seeded plantable items, water conservation tools such as shower timers an...View Details
Living Green
No matter how small, every step you make is positive.  So many areas can pay you back directly in energy savings.  For example, make notes in your calendar so that you change your furnace & central AC filter on a regular schedule.  Apart from keeping the air in your home cleaner, it will reduce your electricity consumption immediately. More Tips


Social Compliance
Eco Promotional Products suppliers who have gone through successful third-party certifications or corporate compliance audits. Or, at minimum, are able to quantify their commitment and adherence to best practices in global standards regarding fair labor practices.
Reusable Promotional Products
Eco Promotional Products or materials that can be used again and again, either for its original purpose or for an entirely new purpose.
Energy Efficient
Eco Promotional Products uses either less energy than conventional products or uses alternative sources of energy.
Recycled Promotional Products
Part or all of Eco Promotional Products' composition is made up of recovered pre or post-consumer waste.
Biodegradable Products
Eco Promotional Products biodegradable products have the ability to break down and decompose, safely by natural means.
Organic Apparel & Promotional Products
Eco Promotional Products materials were grown without pesticides or chemical additives, relying instead on methods with less ecological impact.
Renewable Resources & Eco Promos
Eco Promotional Products has the ability to be recovered and diverted from the solid waste stream/landfill. Can be reused for another life.
Environmentally Friendly Promotion Items
Eco Promotional Products are intended to be reusable, recycled, energy efficient, organic, biodegradable, made from a renewable resource, made in the USA or any combination of the previously mentioned.
Made in the USA Promotional Products
Eco Promotional Products made in America helps the US economy and may involve less resources for transportation.

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