Eco Promotional Products. Inc. (EPP) is the only totally "green", full line promotional products company in the Ad Specialties Industry (ASI). We are dedicated to sustainability, supplying environmentally responsible merchandise and respecting our natural resources. We help our customers promote their brand and environmental goals while reducing landfill usage.


Recyclable - A designation for products or materials that are capable of being recovered from, or otherwise diverted from waste streams for recycling. Remember, our first line of defense is to reuse a product and then recycle. Products that are typically recyclable – paper products, most forms of plastic are now able to be recycled – except for Styrofoam. Also, items that are made from a vegetable derivative may need to be composted or will be biodegradable. Aluminum is one of the most common recycled metals. Stainless steel is also recyclable. Many of the totes made from non-woven polypropylene are #5 recyclable.

Made In USA

Made In USA - As a company, we try and provide as many eco products as we can that are manufactured in the USA. This is for a smaller carbon footprint, support our local economy, support local employment and know there are at least minimum wage requirement. We have more control over the safety of the product and content of each product.


Organic - Organic cotton is grown in certified pesticide-free and herbicide-free soil, using organic farming methods, which produce healthier fabrics, preserve the quality of our water and prevent toxins from entering the human food chain in the form of cottonseed and other byproducts. We also have certified organic health products such as lip balm. To be 100% organic, there cannot be SPF. SPF is a chemical and therefore makes some of our products not “certified”, however, they have organic product in the mix. We do not claim anything is certified organic unless it’s been certified by a recognized certification.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient - Products and systems that use less energy to perform as well or better than standard products. For our purposes, most products that are solar powered are considered “energy efficient”. If they have a rechargeable battery or are wind powered, they are also considered energy efficient. If items have a multi-purpose and do not use extra electrical means, such as recharging from a car or multi USB ports, this too would be energy efficient.


Biodegradable - Is a term applied to products that have the ability to break down safely and relatively quickly by biological means into raw materials, which can be absorbed into the ecosystem. For example wood and bamboo are biodegradable, while plastics are definitely not. Paper and many forms of natural materials such as jute, hemp and cotton are also biodegradable. PLA or other vegetable based plastics are also usually biodegradable.


Compostable - When put in a municipal compost, this item will decay into organic matter to be used, for example, as compost material. Composting is a form of recycling because it turns into a usable product.


Recycled - Product is made up of content that is either post industrial (pre-consumer) or post consumer recycled materials. We generally try to stay at 20% or higher when vetting and use this along with other attributes as well. Products made from recycled materials require less resources to manufacture. Less use of water, energy and generally omit less toxins in the manufacturing process. Recycled products also mean more jobs in the manufacturing stream.

Social Compliance

Social Compliance – When you see our mark for social compliance, it means our product or supplier has successfully been verified by a third-party certification or compliancy audit for environmental and social issues.

Renewable Resource

Renewable Resource - is a natural resource that renews itself. We only say “renewable resource” if it’s done somewhat rapidly. To us a tree is not a rapidly renewable resource. It takes many years for a tree to mature. On the other hand, bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly. To get the benefit of it, you don’t even need to cut it at the root. Cotton and corn are also renewable resources. Any petroleum produced product is not a renewable resource. Solar and wind are also renewable energy resources. They can keep producing without being used up.

Double Donation

Double Donation - Eco Promotional Products plants a tree through Trees for the Future with every order. When an order is placed for certain products, an additional donation is made to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Prop 65 Compliant

Prop 65 Compliant - In order for a product to be sold in California without a Prop 65 warning, the product has to go through strict testing measures to make sure it does not contain any of the more than 1,000 naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals on California’s Prop 65 list. A product that is Prop 65 compliant can be sold without a warning label if the product has been tested and does not contain any of the chemicals listed under Prop 65 or has numbers lower than Prop 65’s no significant risk levels (NSRLs)/safe harbor levels.

Carbon Offset

Our products carrying our carbon reduction icon contribute to carbon neutrality by using third-party certified carbon offsets. We are actively working to reduce our direct emissions and minimize reliance on offsets.