Eco Promotional Products, Inc. is your single source for products and distribution. We are here to take the burden and worry off of you. Our detailed and efficient process of product selection, branding, packaging, mailing list creation, and follow-up are meant to help you focus on your job, not ours.

  • Promotional Products. Select your Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) sustainable product(s) for your project.
    No matter how small or large of a project, you can rely on your EPP team to help guide and select the best products to meet your needs. We do projects of all sizes.
  • Batch Distribution. Are you looking to send out a gift to every employee, every virtual attendee, and every student? We are ready to quote on your project. We’ll be sure to distribute item(s) in a timely matter based on your desired in-hands date. Our team will work to fulfill your packages in the best method, most eco-responsible packaging, safely and cost-efficient means. Drop-ship to as many locations as you need.
  • Custom Kitting. Would you like to add a custom letter or card? Do you want all your items in a reusable bag? Would you prefer to bulk ship in a recycled box? Whether we are putting one item in your package or 10, no problem. We’ll make sure to give you the good, better, and best options to meet your needs.
  • Custom Packaging. While we are always trying to reduce packaging, and bulk is our first option to offer, we know this may not be the best method for your project. Once your EPP items have been narrowed down and selected, we can propose packaging options with either a custom sicker, bellyband or something completely custom.

Let us start a project together. Get in touch by calling, emailing, or chatting online. We look forward to working on your sustainable custom distribution promotional project.