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Yoga Promotional Products for National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month and yoga studios across the country will come together to educate people about the health benefits of yoga  inspire them to practice yoga and to create a more balanced lifestyle. According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study, 36.7 million Americans or 15% of U.S. adults practice yoga in 2016, up from 20.4 million in 2012. National Yoga Month is a great time for studios to offer free classes and offer branded yoga promotional products to attract new clients. Feeling a connection to the Earth has always been an integral part of the practice of yoga. Yogis and Yoginis live eco conscience lifestyles and pass this on to their clients.

Yoga promotional products can start as low as $1 for free giveaway water bottles to higher end items like yoga mat bags that can be used for resale.

Water bottles are a must for anyone practicing yoga, especially for Bikram yoga enthusiasts. Eco Promotional Products has dozens of BPA free reusable water bottles for any budget. Some yoga instructors believe you shouldn’t drink much during the actual practice of yoga (unless you are doing Bikram) but rehydrating after a class is extremely important. Always bring a reusable bottle with you, even if it’s just for replenishing after class. Drinking during class is more important when practicing Bikram because of the extreme heat. Choose an insulated, sweat proof bottle that can withstand the high temperatures of the room and keep water cold.

Elastic headbands are another affordable option for yoga giveaways. Fold over elastic headbands are a universal accessory to wear with any outfit, for any occasion. Eco Promotional Products’ elastic headbands are handmade in the U.S. Not only are they completely versatile, but they won't leave a dent in your hair like traditional hair elastics will. 

For yoga events with multiple sponsors, a favorite reusable bag to hold event swag is the affordable budget tote. The 4 ounce natural cotton tote offers a choice of handle colors. The bag is lightweight, folds flat for easy storage, can hold up to 22 pounds and has a large imprint area.

Personalized cosmetic bags are a popular yoga promotional item. These small bags can be used for much more than cosmetics. Many recipients use them for trips to the yoga studio or gym. They are the perfect size for carrying essentials like an ID, headphones, keys and cell phone. Also, you may choose from eco-friendly cotton canvas or jute bags with various accent colors to represent your brand.

A high end yoga promotional product is an imprinted yoga mat bag. Eco Promotional Products’ nylon yoga mat carrier bag comes with a Phthalate free PVC mat with a textured, non-slip surface. 

Eco Promotional Products has a variety of eco-friendly yoga promotional products for any event and budget.