Swap and Sell

  • Re-use other student’s textbooks and let them use yours for free. Checkout SwapTree, PaperBackSwap.com and Bookins.com. You only pay shipping.
  • Instead of having a shopping spree at the mall organize a clothing swap among your friends.
  • Go to flea markets, consignment shops and thrift stores. Someone’s old skinny jeans could become your new favorite piece of clothing.

Embrace Tap

  • When you're out at the bar, buy beer on tap (that's served in a washable beer mug) rather than bottled beer. Not only are you decreasing waste and your carbon footprint, your having fun at the same time.

Reuse Paper

  • Don't throw away that halfway printed page or rough draft paper, use the other side for scrap paper. Create your own post-it notes or notebook for classes.

Download an energy-saving application

  • To reduce the energy consumption of your computer, download a free energy-saving application such as Local Cooling or CO2 Saver.

Spend Less Time in the Shower

  • Just by reducing your shower time by about 2 minutes, you can save up to 1,000 ibs of CO2 from being emitted into the air. You will use less electricity to heat the water, as well as conserve water.

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