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Top 10 Promotional Products For College Orientations for 2024

Kick off the academic year on the right note with our guide to the top 10 sustainable eco-friendly promotional products for school orientations.

Let’s jump into a smart selection of items that are not only practical but also eco-friendly for fostering school spirit among incoming students. From custom-branded essentials that every student needs to unique and fun items that make a lasting impression, these products are designed to excite and engage. 

Whether you’re an orientation coordinator looking to make a splash, a student organization aiming to stand out, or a university department focused on welcoming new students, these eco-swag college giveaways will help create a memorable and enthusiastic start to their campus journey. 


1. Lanyard

Custom recycled lanyards are an excellent promotional product for college orientations, aligning perfectly with the values of sustainability and student engagement. 

Straps made from recycled materials help promote environmental awareness among students right from the start of their campus journey. Turn boring to exciting with eco-minded essentials. They are practical for everyday use and perfect for holding IDs, keys, access cards, and essential items for navigating campus life. 

By customizing sustainable college swag with the school logo or orientation theme, schools can foster a sense of community and school spirit among new students.

Our recommendation:

green lanyard college swag with different attachment options


Custom Lanyards | Recycled | 3/4" | With Attachment


These giveaways are 3/4 inch wide, offering ample space for smart branding without compromising comfort. The durable material ensures they can withstand the rigors of daily use, while the soft fabric offers a comfortable fit around the neck.

Offering these eco-friendly badge holders at school orientation events—or any event that needs eco-choices— not only makes a positive first impression but also sets the tone for a campus culture committed to sustainability.


2. Name Badge

Make a lasting impression at school orientations with innovative and waste-free name badges that are not just a tool for identification but also a statement of sustainability. 

Our recommendation:

name badge college swag made of plantable seed paper with printed details


Custom Plantable Seed Paper Name Badges | USA Made | 4x3


Measuring 4 inches by 3 inches, these badges provide ample space for personal details and branding without being cumbersome. Made from seed paper is thick and durable.

Each badge can be customized with your logo, event details, and personal names.

Made in the USA from biodegradable seed paper, these badges can be planted after use, growing into beautiful wildflowers, herbs, or even vegetables, depending on the seeds used.

Encourage attendees to plant their badges post-event, not only to remember the experience but also to contribute to the environment positively. These unique features are sure to spark conversations and make your event stand out.


3. Tote Bag

Having a custom tote bag is a perfect blend of functionality and style for school and daily outings. Whether heading to a class, a farmer's market, or a casual meet-up, a tote bag can carry all essentials with ease. 

Our recommendation: 

tote bag with eight color options for print design and strap


Tote bag with eight color options for print design and strap Cotton Brunch Tote | 4 oz | 14x10x5 


This economy tote measures 14 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 5 inches deep, providing ample space for a wallet, keys, a book, and even a few groceries. Use it as a beach bag, overnight bag, and more. The size is ideal for everyday use, making it a versatile choice for various activities, and is machine washable. 

This 100% cotton tote and its soft cotton handles ensure comfortable carrying over the shoulder or by hand, even when the bag is fully loaded.

Customize these college giveaways with your brand’s logo or a unique design. When handed out at school sports and entertainment events, college swag like tote bags, can enhance school spirit.


4. Wheat Straw Lunch Container Set

Sustainable solutions with a convenient edge are very popular amongst conscious consumers. Traditional lunch containers are often made of plastic, contributing to environmental pollution. Reusable lunch box sets made of ethically sourced materials combines sustainability with practicality, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic food storage containers. Made from biodegradable wheat straw, this eco-friendly bento box set reduces plastic waste and provides a stylish way to enjoy your meals. 

Our recommendation:

wheat straw lunch container set

Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box Set | Reusable


Wheat straw lunch container sets are perfect for office workers, students, and anyone committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Customizable this eco-conscious lunch box with your company's logo or a message promoting sustainability.


5. Notebook & Pen

It's more important than ever to have school giveaways that reflect a commitment to sustainability. Every piece of paper and every pen counts in our collective efforts to reduce waste and preserve natural resources.

A startling statistic from the World Wildlife Fund reveals that we are losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. Transitioning to products made from recycled materials is a crucial step in combating this loss and promoting environmental stewardship.

Our recommendation:

notebook with orange, blue, black, green, and red color varieties


Eco Spiral Notebook & Pen | Recycled Paper | 5x7


This budget-friendly custom notebook and pen set, crafted from recycled materials, is not just a tool for jotting down thoughts and ideas but also a symbol of dedication to the environment. Each time students use this notebook, they'll be reminded of the innovative eco-minded spirit of their school orientation.

Organizations can personalize these college giveaways with their school logo, a sustainability pledge, or inspiring quotes. 


6. Polo Shirt

When it comes to campus orientations, creating a sense of unity and belonging among new students is crucial. Polo shirts serve as an outstanding promotional product uniform for these events, embodying both style and functionality. 

Not only do they offer a neat, professional appearance, but they also provide a canvas for school branding, helping to foster school spirit from the outset. 

Additionally, the adaptability of polo shirts to various weather conditions and their comfort during active and social interactions make them an ideal choice for the dynamic atmosphere of school orientations.

Our recommendations:

man wearing green polo shirt next to other polo shirts in different colors


Unisex Recycled Carbon Free Cotton Blend Pique Polo | 5.3 oz


woman wearing green polo shirt next to seven other polo shirts in different colors


Women's Recycled Carbon Free Cotton Blend Pique Polo | 5.3 oz


an wearing a green polo shirt with front pocket


Unisex Recycled Carbon Free Cotton Blend Pique Polo with Pocket | 5.3 oz


These polo shirts are made with 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled pique polyester for a breathable, durable, and comfortable fit. It comes in various sizes and colors.


7. Hand Sanitizer/Lip Balm

Hand sanitizer is a fantastic promotional product for school orientations, especially in promoting health and wellness on campus.

As students gather from various locations, providing hand sanitizer helps emphasize the importance of hygiene and safety, crucial in communal living and learning environments. 

Lip balm is also an excellent choice due to its practicality and widespread appeal among students. It serves as a handy and compact item that students can easily carry around, ensuring they have access to lip care amid changing school climates.

Our recommendations:

two-in-one hand sanitizer and lip balm in violet color


Survival Kit | Hand Sanitizer Lip Balm Combo | USA Made


beeswax lip balm college swag


Plastic Free Recyclable Kraft Paper Beeswax Lip Balm


The survival kit which includes a 1.5 oz container of USA made hand sanitizer and a 0.15 oz USA made lip balm is conveniently attached with a carabiner for easy transport. 

The hand sanitizer, which is vital when soap and water are not immediately accessible, helps combat germs effectively. Formulated with 70% ethanol and enriched with aloe, the gel sanitizer maintains optimal efficacy in hindering bacterial growth.

Additionally, the included lip balm offers broad-spectrum SPF protection, shielding against both UVA and UVB rays.

Meanwhile, the waste-free promotional lip balm in recyclable kraft paper is crafted with all-natural beeswax and aloe. This paraben-free and moisturizing lip balm can be easily a new favorite go-to self-care accessory. 


8. Snacks Bag

Snack bags are an excellent promotional product for colleges and universities, offering a practical solution for students' daily needs. These reusable bags encourage sustainable habits by reducing reliance on disposable packaging, aligning with environmental initiatives on campus. 

They are perfect for carrying snacks, sandwiches, or small essentials, making them versatile for a range of uses throughout the academic day. 

Our recommendation:

snack bags in multiple color options


Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags | Recycled


Customizing these giveaways with the college logo or motto can enhance school spirit while promoting the institution's commitment to sustainability. 


9. USA Made Steel Cup

Embracing sustainability extends beyond just reducing waste—it's about choosing products that are made to last and can be recycled after their lifecycle. 

Disposable cups, particularly those made from plastic, are a significant environmental concern due to their contribution to landfills and oceans. A durable, reusable alternative not only minimizes this impact but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our recommendation:

A steel cup with two customization versions, one featuring music symbols and the other displaying an eco-friendly logo


USA Made Recyclable Steel Chill Cup | Reusable | 16 oz


This steel cup is crafted entirely in the USA from high-quality recyclable materials, ensuring that it meets strict sustainability and durability standards. Its 16 oz capacity is perfect for a variety of beverages, and the thermal properties of steel help maintain drink temperatures for extended periods.

Customize these steel cups with your school logo or a unique design through eco-friendly processes. 


10. Travel Mint Container

College students often have busy schedules, juggling classes, club meetings, and study sessions. A refillable travel container with a carabiner and loaded with mints is a convenient and portable solution that keeps students fresh on the go. 

It's not just about the mints but also a reflection of your institution’s dedication to providing practical and thoughtful essentials.

Our recommendation:

flat lay of mint containers in four color options, surrounded by many white mints


Promotional Mints in Wheat Straw Container with Carabiner


Customize this stylish mint container, made with 20% wheat straw, with your campus logo, mascot, or slogan to keep school pride high and your brand at the forefront of students' minds. Every time they reach for a mint, they’ll recall your commitment to providing valuable resources and keeping the student community engaged.

Great for freshman orientation, club fairs, and alumni events, these travel mint containers ensure your institution is recognized for prioritizing both practicality and sustainability.

Offer students a breath of fresh air with sustainable college swag while reinforcing your campus as a supportive partner in their academic journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What role do college promotional items play in communicating a college's brand and values?

Promotional items like recycled notebooks and pens, bags, drinkware, and health and safety items are key in communicating a college's brand and values to new and prospective students.

Practical college swag can embody the institution's commitment to sustainability, community, and student success, making these values resonate more deeply with the student body.


2. How can schools measure the impact of promotional college swag during orientations?

Colleges can measure the impact of promotional products by gathering feedback from students regarding their usefulness and appeal. Surveys and focus groups can also assess how these items influence students' perceptions of the campus and their overall satisfaction with the orientation experience.


3. Why are eco-friendly notebooks and pens important at academic events?

Eco-friendly notebooks and pens made from recycled materials help reduce waste and the use of virgin resources, highlighting the institution's commitment to sustainability. They are also practical tools for students to jot down important information during orientation sessions.