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Back to School Promotional Products for Schools and Universities

New student orientations are in full-swing at colleges and universities. At the local levels, administrators and PTOs/PTAs are also planning for the upcoming school year. No matter the grade level, back to school promotional products are a fantastic way to welcome students to campus at the start of the school year. Additionally, consider giving donors a small gift with their donation  Promotional products are a value-added tool for fundraising and membership drives. Eco Promotional Products’ back to school sale offers low pricing on a dozen eco-friendly promotional items for sustainability-minded schools and universities. 

The best back to school promotional products for colleges are staple promotional products like travel coffee mugs and reusable water bottles. Reusable drinkware is long-lasting and never goes out of style. Filtered water refilling stations are now commonplace on college campuses. Some sustainable universities have gone a step further and do not sell any commercial bottled water on campus. Many colleges give incoming students a reusable water bottle to encourage them to drink from the refill stations. Some colleges even offer free drink refills with branded reusable coffee mugs and/or water bottles to students participating in dining plans.

Looking for a college giveaway that is more unique? Collapsible fabric storage bins and cotton laundry bags are very useful for students living in dorms or other shared spaces. Another useful item for college students is an aluminum pocket tool pen which offers eight different screwdriver heads for small assembly projects or repairs. Multi-purpose stationery cubes can help students develop good study habits while at the same time keeping desks organized.

For schools with athletic programs, parents and athletes alike will enjoy branded stadium cushions made from phthalate compliant 210D polyester fabric and recycled drawstring backpacks made from disposable water bottles. These items are best-sellers in high school and college stores. Recycled baseball caps and other eco-friendly apparel items are also popular with high school and college-aged students.

At the elementary level, school stores are a way for schools and school groups to raise money and they are a lot of fun for students as well. School stores teach kids about money and budgeting. One of the most important aspects of the store is the merchandise. Stores need to have items kids like at price points kids can afford like pens, pencils and notebooks. Even without a school store, recycled promotional products such of these are fun giveaways at any time.

Make the 2017-2018 school year a green one with eco-friendly promotional products.