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Benefits of Hemp, a Sustainable Material

What do a selection of name badges, zipper pouches and baseball hats at Eco Promotional Products have in common? They all are made from one unique yet prodigious plant: hemp. From soda cans to socks to even car parts, hemp is everywhere and in everything. The adaptive textile has gained some popularity for its exceptional benefits and intriguing connotations, but what exactly is this mystery plant and why is it so important? 

Hemp is a variation of the Cannabis sativa plant. Not to be confused with its cousin, the marijuana plant, hemp contains under 0.3% of THC and cannot be used recreationally. As one of the fastest growing plants on Earth that requires processing by hand, hemp is an excellent commodity for creating jobs and supports our values of ethical labor practices. Not only is this resource friendly to the environment, but it gives back as well. Hemp plants can absorb carbon dioxide to be released back into soil, rather than our atmosphere. Its multiurposeful uses are practically a gift given from mother nature. 

These outstanding economic and environmental benefits are largely why we have seen such a positive shift towards using hemp products, as it's one of the strongest and most sustainable fibers you can buy. Hemp fiber creates a long lasting and sturdy material four times as durable as cotton. Our Hemp Custom Tote Bag and Hemp Zipper Pouch are made from 55% hemp, which helps create a resistant structure for items that require support. 

So how can a material so sturdy be used in softer products? Hemp fiber can also produce a fluffy and breathable material seen in our Hemp Crew Neck T shirt. These USA made shirts are blended with cotton to maximize comfort while ensuring sustainability. If you’re looking for sun protection, the fabric used in our Hemp Baseball Cap naturally filters UV rays to keep you protected comfortably. While its name may sound similar, we do not carry products made from viscose hemp as its harsh chemical breakdown and environmentally unfriendly manufacturing process undermines the very purpose of hemp in the first place. This distinction is important as we value informed consumption over illusive marketing to create products that foster real change.

At Eco Promotional Products, we’re all about innovation where it’s least suspected. Hats and shirts may seem standard, but did you know you can use hemp in items like buttons and badges? Our Hemp Paper Buttons and Hemp Paper Name Badges are made with archival quality hemp paper. Traditional trees take about 100 years to harvest, while hemp plants take just 100 days. These plants also produce more oxygen and more paper than traditional wood. Hemp paper can be recycled up to eight times and requires less harsh chemicals for bleaching. The benefits of hemp paper almost seem too good to be true, but its effects can be seen in quality and reflected in environmental benefits. Check out our assortment of hemp items to get a glimpse at just how uniquely multifaceted this resource is.