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Benefits of Placing Holiday Orders Early

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is preparing for the first major holiday season since the COVID pandemic began. The EPP team encourages companies to get ahead of the rush by placing orders for corporate gifts sooner rather than later. Please consider the amount of time needed for planning, production, and shipping. 

Below are a few benefits companies can take advantage of when holiday orders are placed early.

1) More Options

Don’t settle for what’s left over. Shopping early helps customers choose products that best fit their holiday needs. If an item is out of stock now, we can reserve inventory coming in before the holidays. Our customer service team can suggest substitute items if an item on our website is out of stock or a color is discontinued.

2) Better Ability to Get Gifts on Time

Online shopping during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic came with mass delays and questionable delivery dates. Supply chain issues are still causing delays in nearly every industry, and the delays may intensify due to the holiday hype.

From our perspective, it is better for recipients to receive corporate gifts ahead of schedule than to come up empty-handed. EPP representatives are available to discuss expected delivery dates and help companies stay on track for recipients to receive holiday gifts at an appropriate time.

3) Avoid Rush Fees

As mentioned in the previous point, EPP strives to have its customers receive the products they love on time and at the best rate. Ordering early reduces the need to pay additional fees for rush service or expedited shipping to guarantee orders arrive on time. These extra expenses can be costly depending on the shipping location, the order size, and whether gifts require personal customization. To avoid spending extra money altogether, it is best to order holiday gifts now.

4) Minimize Environmental Impacts

A study measuring the environmental impacts of expedited shipping found that fast-shipping increased the amount of CO2 emissions since companies were not able to use their packaging and delivery resources efficiently. These effects included not using trucks at maximum capacity, mismanaging inventory, and relying on faster, carbon-dependent forms of transportation.

Eco Promotional Products Inc. is here to help any organization spread holiday cheer with an eco-friendly twist. Explore our holiday themed items by clicking here or contact a representative directly at 877-ECO-WINS.