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Best Promotional Products for America Recycles Day 2021

America Recycles Day is held annually on November 15th as a nationally recognized day dedicated to celebrating recycling in the United States. This Keep America Beautiful® program encourages Americans to recycle right year-round. About 44% of Americans report confusion about how to correctly recycle, according to a study by the Paper and Packaging Board. America Recycles Day 2021 aims to change this by motivating people to take the #BeRecycled pledge. While some cities like San Francisco continue to make a conscious effort to eliminate wasteful practices, there is still work to be done across the country. As an eco-friendly company, we have highlighted some of our favorite products to guide your recycling practices for this upcoming holiday. 

One great way to celebrate America Recycles Day is through education and awareness. If you plan on plogging or cleaning up your local beach that day, Personalized Recycle Pails can help get the job done. These pails can also be utilized later in the office or at home as a convenient keepsake of your recycling journey. As it can be tricky to decipher what can be recycled where, a Recycling Tips Magnet can also be a helpful reminder of the correct way to dispose of your items. While it may not be the most glamorous task, our Personalized Recycle Bin Holder sure makes recycling practices a lot more fun for any age. Who says trash collection can’t be enjoyable?

On top of recycling the correct products, using items that have been made out of recycled materials is a great way to support your sustainable lifestyle as well. Our Recycled PET Embroidered Hat, for example, is 100% made from recycled water bottles that are woven into polyester textile. Even items like our Recycled RPET Drawstring Bag can be made from this incredibly versatile fiber. If accessories are your way to go, check out our Recycled Bottle Eco Bracelet. Made from recycled bottles from around the world, this bracelet is the perfect memento for clean-up events. Each color string represents a different environmental theme: black for waste and carbon dioxide, white for recycling and purity, and blue for our skies and seas. 

Education is such an important aspect of recycling awareness, as there are many items that end up in recycling bins when they do not belong there. While plastic bags can be recycled, they are often not accepted at curbside bins and thus hurt the productivity of waste management facilities. Opting for Recycled Shopping Bags can instead avoid the need for recycling your bags in the first place. Not only are these bags durable for use after use, but they are 100% made from recycled plastic. There are many ways to celebrate America Recycles Day this year, from education, to awareness, to even hosting clean-up events. Most important is your commitment to green practices on this holiday and beyond.