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The Best Promotional Products for Earth Day 2017 and March for Science

Earth Day will be extra special this year with the inaugural March for Science being held in Washington, D.C. Scientists and climate change activists who believe in scientific research and evidence-based policies will march in D.C. and at events worldwide to take a public stand and make their voices heard.

If you are planning an Earth Day or March for Science event, Eco Promotional Products has many unique eco-friendly promotional items to educate and encourage Earth-friendly actions like fighting climate change, reducing waste and recycling.

Whether you are hosting an event, marching for science or doing an Earth Day service project, bring awareness to your cause with branded eco apparel. Eco Promotional Products’ Earth Day t-shirt is made from 50% recycled P.E.T./50% cotton. Each t-shirt is made from approximately five recycled plastic bottles. Everyone will love the soft feel of these recycled, custom eco t-shirts which are also extremely affordable. 

Wristbands and buttons are also ideal for awareness events. Seed paper wristbands are wearable and plantable and can be decorated in full-color. Easy to put on with a peel and stick adhesive for a secure one-time use. After your event, participants will have the gift of a garden to grow at home. Marching for science? Have everyone in your group wear USA made, recycled buttons. Choose from many stock designs promoting science. 

Earth Day is all about the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Promotional products aimed at reducing waste are always popular for Earth Day. Reusable water bottles and reusable drinking straws encourage recipients to stop using disposable products like single-use water bottles and straws.

Many Earth Day events are geared towards kids who will be the caretakers of our Earth for years to come. Educating kids about Earth Day and what it represents is the most important part of the day. The Green Schools Initiative offers a number of educational ideas for Earth Day. Kids will learn so much more with interactive Earth-friendly activities like planting a tree, picking up trash at a local park or biking/walking to school instead of driving on Earth Day. To help kids keep the mindset that every day is Earth Day, choose recycled promotional products to help kids remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. Items include recycled pencils made from recycled denim or currency, recycled flyers for outside fun and recycled drawstring backpacks.

Plantable Earth Day promotional products are loved by people of all ages. Recipients will take home these giveaways and grow flowers, vegetables and herbs at home. As they watch the plants grow, recipients will be reminded of your name and message time after time.

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