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Best Promotional Products for Hiking, Camping and Other Outdoor Adventures

Fall is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the pleasant temperatures and fall colors. Whether you’re playing a game of catch at the park, going for a day hike or weekend camping trip, there are some essential rules and products for outdoor fun. The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoor. The Seven Principles are: Plan Ahead & Prepare; Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces; Dispose of Waste Properly; Leave What you Find; Minimize Campfire Impacts; Respect Wildlife; and Be Considerate of Other Visitors. In simplest terms, carry out what you carry in.                                     

From biking to the park, going to practice or camping, backpacks are a must for any outdoor activity. A backpack made from recycled materials can hold necessities like a sweatshirt, water bottle, keys, phone, wallet and more. Another important accessory for outdoor fun is a compact recycled umbrella that can easily be stowed in a backpack in case of inclement weather.

Extended outdoor adventures like day hikes or overnight camping trips require more gear. Following are some must-have eco-friendly promotional products for hiking and camping:

  • Recycled Aluminum Carabiner: Carabiners are extremely versatile. This recycled aluminum carabiner can be used for clipping a water bottle, campfire mug, flashlight or compass to a backpack.
  • Recycled Frisbee: Like carabiners, Frisbees are multi-functional and can be used for more than just fun.  To minimize the amount of gear you have to take, Frisbees can also be used as a plate for eating.
  • Wheat Cutlery and Stainless Steel Straw Set: Wheat straw cutlery set is made from eco-friendly natural wheat straw. It's completely non-toxic, food safe, BPA free and biodegradable. These sets are lightweight and compact in size and can easily be carried in a backpack.
  • Recycled Sunglasses: Lenses offer 100% UV protection which is especially important at higher altitudes when hiking.
  • Solar Power Bank: Don’t be stuck with a dead phone in an emergency. If you get lost, having a charged cell phone is essential. Solar power banks allow you to fully charge your phone without needing to pack extra cables.

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