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The Best Promotional Products Made from Recycled Glass

Think of all the products you use on a weekly basis that are in glass containers. The most common include pasta sauces, condiments, beer, and wine. There are many cool ways glass containers can be reused (Aldi’s pasta sauces have markings that make them a favorite for drinking glasses) or upcycled at home. For those who aren’t crafty, empty glass containers should be placed in recycling bins clean and dry as glass is infinitely recyclable. Be sure to check local recycling guidelines as other types of glass like baking pans or broken window glass are not generally recyclable.  

Why is recycling glass so important? Recycled glass uses less energy during its recycling process. According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, recycled glass requires 40 percent less energy than making it from all new materials. Recycling glass reduces emissions, saves energy, and reduces consumption of raw material. It’s unfortunate that Americans only recycle a small portion of glass. The number is much higher in states with bottle bills which have a beverage container recycling rate of around 60%, while non-deposit states only reach about 24%.   

Here are just a few of the many benefits of recycling glass: 

  • Saves energy needed to create new glass. Making products from recycled glass consumes 40% less energy than making new glass. Less energy used means reduced emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, both greenhouse gases.   
  • Reduces air pollution by 20% over making new glass.  
  • Reduces water pollution by 50% over making new glass.  
  • Reduces space in landfills that would otherwise be used by bottles & jars, etc. It takes as little as 30 days for recyclable glass to leave a recycling bin and appear on a store shelf as a new glass container. It can take up to a million years to break down in a landfill.  
  • Conserves natural resources. Every ton of glass that is recycled saves more than a ton of raw materials needed to create new glass. 

Eco Promotional Products offers many products made from recycled glass, including our best-selling sustainable awards. When choosing awards for your organization, it’s important to choose awards that are in line with your corporate branding, values, and mission but also awards that will actually be displayed versus tucked away in a drawer, or even worse, thrown out, only to end up in landfills. Eco-friendly awards made from recycled glass are beautifully crafted, making them awards that recipients will want to proudly display in their home or office.  

Recycled glass gifts are another top seller at Eco Promotional Products. These truly green customized gifts are made from diverted wine bottles that are collected, de-labled, and washed before they are turned into new unique drinking glasses, carafes, and vases. Wine bottles come in many shapes and sizes between height, diameter, thickness, and punt height. Customized recycled glass gifts are made from seven different colored wine bottles, making each product totally unique. Recycled glass awards and gifts are must-haves for speaker gifts, green events, green meetings, sustainable events, green schools, and more.