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The Best Reusable Face Masks: Ones We Like to Wear

Earlier this month, in his first joint interview with Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, President-elect Joe Biden told CNN's Jake Tapper he will ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days after he takes office.  Prior to this interview, medical experts had been saying America would be a mask-wearing society for most of 2021. 

As we have adjusted to wearing masks, they have become a fashion statement. Beyond how a mask looks, people have developed very strong opinions about fabric, style and fit. Many have different types of masks for different occasions. 

During a normal year, the best-selling items at Eco Promotional Products would be items for tradeshows like recycled lanyards and zero-waste badges or reusable utensil and straw sets. This year, masks were the top selling item with upwards of hundreds of thousands masks sold. Sustainability-minded customers order from Eco Promotional Products because they want high quality, eco-friendly, branded reusable masks instead of single-use disposables which are filling up our landfills. Businesses purchased branded masks to give to their employees and schools and PTOS bought thousands of reusable masks with school logos for students and staff.  

Even the team members at Eco Promotional Products have their personal favorite masks. California sales rep Michelle Carvalho’s favorite hobby is power lifting. Her favorite mask to wear is an athleisure face mask. “I love how fitted it is with the nose bridge and adjustable ear straps while being breathable and lightweight,” says Michelle. “I have ordered other athletic type masks that were highly rated and still I prefer and use this mask. With lifting and doing conditioning work I am still able to perform while wearing a mask without feeling claustrophobic.” 

A customer and staff favorite are masks with elastic head straps versus ear straps. “The Allmade mask made from recycled water bottles has been my mask of choice since the beginning,” says sales manager Courtney Thomas. “The straps make this mask unique, allowing the mask to hang around my neck when not in use. With its adjustable nose bridge and soft material it also offers a very comfortable fit.” 

Men are very different in their mask preferences from women. Turn on the television to any football game on Saturday or Sunday and you will see evidence that gaiters still reign supreme with men. Gaiters also offer the convenience of wearing around the neck when not in use. While men tell us they like to wear gaiters for outdoor activities and running errands, they don’t like to use them in a professional setting. The favorite traditional mask of the men on the Eco Promotional Products team is a USA made reusable 3-ply cotton face mask. This mask is easy to put on due to the larger loop area and has a tag saying it’s USA made. and easily differentiates the front side from the back. It also offers a generous fit for larger heads. 

Eco Promotional Products has the best selection of eco-friendly, reusable masks. Let us help you choose the best mask for your team.