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Best Sustainable Promotional Products for Earth Day Events & Pollinator Awareness

Is your organization ready to spread the buzz about pollinators? Be sure to choose eco-friendly promotions to contribute to the conscious cause and align with your organization's values.

Brands passionate about sharing the crucial role pollinators play in the health of global ecosystems, the production of fruits and vegetables, and the beauty of our natural landscapes trust in Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP)’s selection of unique promotional items to get their messages across in an impactful way. Join affiliates of Bee Campus USA and Bee City USA, wildlife conservation groups, and environmentally conscious organizations in their efforts to reach communities and promote education while maintaining sustainable practices.


Unique Promotional Products for Earth Day & Pollinator Awareness Events

Whether you are hosting a community event for Earth Day or Pollinator Week or supporting a local conservation program, we recommend the following eco-friendly promotional products to promote environmental awareness and make a lasting impact:

  • Wooden Cube Planter Kits are fun and eco-conscious giveaways to engage audiences in planting pollinator friendly environments. They are made in the USA with seeds cultivated in the USA and peat pellets from Canada. For every planter kit order received, a tree is donated to One Tree Planted. It is a great promotional item to foster healthy connections to nature while increasing brand awareness.
  • Recycled bookmarks with seeded shapes go beyond marking pages and are symbols of growth and sustainability. Available in different shapes, like bees and monarch butterflies, each plantable shape is embedded with wildflower seeds ready to bloom into healthy habitats for pollinators. They are a perfect eco-friendly promotional product that offers an interactive experience and zero waste advantages. Engage, educate, and inspire communities to grow their appreciation for bees, monarchs, and other pollinators in a memorable way.
  • Natural beeswax lip balms filled with other organic ingredients and stored in a tube made from recycled plastics and bio resin from potatoes are unforgettable eco-friendly product giveaways. Positively impact the livelihoods of bees and beekeepers while promoting sustainable self-care. Branded lip balms are made in the USA in an FDA certified factory by a certified B Corp.
  • Carry your commitment to pollinator health with our organic cotton totes. Customize 100% organic cotton bags with exclusive EPP art with slogans like “Save the Bees” and other purpose driven messages plus your brand logo to gain impressions with every use. For organizations looking to make an eco-conscious statement at tabling events, round tables, and community outreach projects, this is a budget-friendly and practical choice.


Bee The Change

As your brand takes on the journey to rally and support pollinator populations, EPP invites your team to explore more green promotional products available on our website. Stand out by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Experience the benefits of effective and sustainable promotional products alongside proud members of Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA, environmental conservation organizations, and other eco-conscious groups who partner with us.

Contact our dedicated team for suggestions on the best branded items to cater to your promotional needs, brand goals, and event theme. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467).

Let’s work together to create a powerful buzz for bee conservation and pollinator protection.