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Best Sustainable Promotional Swag for Women’s Events

Imagine this: Your company is participating in an exciting event celebrating women’s achievements, the conference buzzing with energy and purpose. But something is missing. The same old promo products are being distributed. They feel…generic, out of touch with the values that brought all these phenomenal women together.  

That's where Eco Promotional Products steps in. We're not just about swag, we're about igniting a movement. We're a certified B Corp, woman-owned, and champions of female empowerment. We believe in leaving a lasting impact, both on the planet and on the lives of women. 

Think beyond the pink balloons and plastic trinkets meant for the landfill. We offer a curated selection of eco-friendly promotional products that are as stylish as they are sustainable. Offering highly sought after sleek water bottles, tote bags crafted with women in mind, and sustainable wellness gifts, each item whispers of empowerment, purpose, and sisterhood. 

For Women’s History Month and #BuyWomanOwned Day in March and other women-led campaigns throughout the year, EPP encourages organizations to actively participate in initiatives for female empowerment and buy from woman-owned businesses in their communities. For over 15 years, EPP, a certified WBENC has partnered on events and education focused on uplifting women. Through educational efforts and increased product awareness, EPP is committed to fostering positive impacts on people and the planet. 

When organizing events such as women’s races, woman-owned business conferences, female student association gatherings, female health and wellness, or other women-centered events, connect with the target audience with intentional eco-friendly promotional products that have a feminine flair. Branded items that have an intended purpose are powerful tools to effectively engage target audiences while promoting sustainability, gender inclusivity, and purpose-driven event experiences. 

Following are a few popular women-centric promotional items to make lasting impressions and brand responsibly: 

  • Crafted by a certified B Corp with eco-conscious materials, handcrafted USA-made artisan candles are available in five unique scents. Every conscious candle gives back to refugee women and children seeking economic stability, supporting efforts to reduce inequalities in the workforce. Perfect additions to swag bags, thoughtfully crafted candles make great welcome and appreciation gifts. 
  • USA-made wellness kits help boost sustainable self-care and ethical production. Brands express their care for people and the planet, and their well being with responsible wellness giveaways from EPP. EPP's wellness kits are stored in recyclable containers, made in a certified B Corp in an FDA Registered facility, and are Prop. 65 compliant. 
  • Choose recycled women's fleece sweaters to make a stylish statement. Employees, volunteers, and guests will enjoy having a soft, flattering, and eco-friendly addition to their wardrobe. Made with 80% recycled polyester and saves 23 bottles from reaching the world’s landfills. Plus, for every jacket sold, one percent of the proceeds are donated to 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to environmental protection. 
  • Plantable promotional gifts like EPP’s seed bombs with a custom pillow box are popular choice for giveaways with zero-waste advantages. Growable promotions get a green thumbs up for their thoughtful presentation, experience, and affordability. Seeded bombs are made from raw recycled materials and embedded with perennial and annual seeds, granting recipients the opportunity to plant their giveaways and watch them bloom.  

Join EPP in making a greater impact. Choose woman-owned, eco-friendly promotional products for events and initiatives to empower women’s voices, promote female empowerment, and spread awareness about gender equity.  

Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) for more recommendations.