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From Canning to Drinking Glasses: Ways to Reuse Mason Jars After Canning

Summer is winding down which means gardens and farmer’s markets across the country are bursting with flavorful produce such as figs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and more.

Canning is a wonderful way to not let any produce go to waste and to share the fruits of your labor with your friends.

But did you know Mason/canning jars are not accepted in most curbside/single stream recycling programs? Mason jars are made of soda-lime glass which is extremely durable so jars can withstand multiple rounds of canning. In fact, old mason jars are now collector’s items and extremely valuable. Throwing a Mason jar into a curbside recycling bin could possibly contaminate an entire load of recyclable glass.

We follow the “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle” motto at Eco Promotional Products and there might not be a better product for reusing than the Mason Jar.

If you receive a canning jar, there are a number of ways to reuse the jar after enjoying the contents. Canning jars can always be returned to the original owner for future canning. If you aren’t able to return, one of the most popular ways to reuse a canning jar is to turn it into a drinking glass. Drinking from Mason jars has a rich history but it’s also currently popular for promotional glassware as you can see by our Eco Promotional Products Mason jar offerings.

Canning jars are great to use for any type of food storage, whether it’s storing leftovers at home or transporting soup for lunch at your office.

Do- it- yourselfers enjoy a broad variety of Mason jar crafts. A quick search of the internet will yield hundreds of fun ideas for upcycling canning jars. A brand new Eco Promotional Products Mason jar item is our essential oil infused bath salts. After using the original salts, recipients can restock the jar with their own homemade bath salts recipes, utilizing rosemary, lavender, mint and other herbs from their gardens.