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Climate Change has put Bees and other Pollinators in Danger What Green Organizations and Individuals Can do to Help

It's time to start planning for spring and summer gardening. While many people find bees to be pesky, they are a vital part of our eco-system. Climate change is linked to flowers blooming earlier before bees emerge from hibernation, disrupting the natural pollination process. Many of the foods we eat rely on or benefit from bee pollination. Bees and other pollinators need our help to combat the effects of climate change on pollination. 

Simple backyard planting and gardening changes can help save the bees. Here are some things you can do to feed bees and increase pollination.

  • Plant native wildflowers. Wildflowers will not only help beautify landscape in your home and community, they are also a key food source for bees. Planting wildflowers in your yard will allow bees to better pollinate any fruits or vegetables you are growing and increase crop production. Bees love sunflowers, black-eyed Susans and many others.
  • Choose flowering vegetables for your garden. Flowering food plants like peppers, strawberries, squash and pumpkins will attract bees to your garden. By planting these vegetables, you are helping feed the bees and in return they will help your plants grow. While they may take many years to produce fruit, fruit trees are also very attractive to bees.
  • Limit the amount of pesticides when bees are looking for food. Pesticides can poison bees.
  • Support local, organic farmers. These farmers don’t use pesticides in turn keeping bees alive. 
  • Learn to love dandelions. These early spring flowers are often one of bees’ first food sources when winter is over.

If your organization wants to showcase your support for bees, there are no better promotional products than seeded items that when grown will help attract bees. Eco Promotional Products offers many seeded items that when grown will feed bees and help pollination. 

GROWMARK is a cooperative organization based in Bloomington, Illinois. The company showcased its sustainability initiative, Endure, and its commitment to creating healthy habitats for pollinators with custom seed packets featuring bee shaped seed paper

Personalized Flower Seed Packets are another way to show your organization’s commitment to pollinators. Personalized flower seed packets contain full color recycled card-stock themed backer cards to showcase your message and  a generous scoop of flower seeds packaged in a compostable corn-based cello bag. Wildflower seeds are standard but this item can be upgraded with a custom bee mix specifically designed to attract bees.

Join us in the fight against climate change this Earth Day and help #SaveTheBees.