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Custom Sustainable Promotional Products for Every Budget: Waste Free Giveaways 

Reducing single-use plastic waste, excess plastic packaging and non-recyclable packaging has never been so accessible and affordable. Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), a certified B Corporation and certified woman-owned business, is aware of the economic, social, and environmental barriers companies face as they strive to embrace sustainability in their operations. Our mission is to help guide and educate on sustainable branded purchases and bring the most value to your brand. 

Our commitment to affordability, inclusivity, and quality ensures that businesses of all sizes can work toward a greener future. Following are popular eco-friendly promotional products with diverse pricing to ensure organizations with different budget limitations can find suitable options for their sustainable marketing journey: 

Portable Utensil Sets 

Wheat cutlery tableware sets and bamboo utensil sets from ChicoBag promote sustainability by reducing the need for disposable plastic utensils. Both cutlery sets are made with eco-friendly materials and are convenient tools to have on the go. The utensil set from ChicoBag is available at a higher price point, though the set has advantages such as being made by a fellow B Corp, being dishwasher safe, and having 1% of its sales go to environmental charities.  

Give branded reusable utensil sets away at corporate lunch celebrations, tabling events, or as prizes. Encourage communities to practice waste-free dining by making a small change with a mighty impact.  


EPP’s drinkware comes in different shapes, sizes, materials, and price ranges to cater to unique customer needs. Reusable stainless bottles are excellent long-term branding solutions because recipients are bound to keep them for years, giving company logos impressions with every sip. Plus, they are extremely budget-friendly for the education market,  corporations, fitness events, and tradeshow giveaways. 

40-ounce recycled stainless steel tumblers have a sleek design with built-in straws and vacuum technology. They also are available at a lower minimum, making them perfect for client and employee appreciation gifts. 1% of the product tumbler sales go to, an organization responsible for increasing access to safe water sources. 

Reusable Tote Bags 

Customized organic cotton tote bags and heavy-duty cotton canvas travel boat totes are versatile promotional products with long-lasting benefits. Both eco-conscious bags are branded alternatives to single-use plastic bags, serve as practical welcome gifts at events, and can be reused daily. EPP’s selection of reusable bags offers budget-friendly opportunities for companies to share their sustainable commitments and gain marketing exposure. 

Waste-free Food Storage Containers 

Eco-friendly lunch solutions from EPP serve various needs by offering a diverse range of products. From materials to pricing, our team considers how organizations can promote eco-conscious eating habits with stylish and affordable branded products. For example, wheat straw bento boxes help companies expand their plastic reduction efforts without breaking the bank. These are practical giveaways to jumpstart waste-free spaces and gain participation from employees or students. 

On the other hand, EPP’s copper insulated food tumblers are a more appropriate choice for those with more budget flexibility. Stainless steel food containers help meals maintain their temperature while on the go and offer a more polished canvas for company logos and messaging. These are ideal for appreciation gifts or onboarding packages.  

It is important to remember that regardless of the price point, whether lower or higher, EPP’s commitment to quality and sustainability is at the forefront. EPP is here to support organizations of all sizes with unique needs with the goal of increasing their accessibility to sustainable business solutions. We offer eco-friendly logoed items that are designed with long-lasting impacts to reduce waste from landfills and leave brand impressions with each use. 

Ready to take the next step in aligning corporate branding with waste-free goals? Find more budget-friendly options here. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to place an order today.