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Customer Highlight: PROSOCO

PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete. They provide innovative products and services that maximize building energy efficiency, durability and resiliency, while leaving a minimal impact on the environment. They work side by side with designers, building scientists, contractors, and leading green building rating systems. LEED v4 and the Living Building Challenge v2.2 are blueprints to many of their formulations that surpass the highest green standards in contemporary building design and construction. 

Beyond providing sustainable products, PROSOCO has committed to the review and improvement for sustainability within their internal operations. This includes contracting for an Energy Audit of the PROSOCO facility, manufacturing and office. A task group was formed with key personnel members from departments across the company to focus on this work. During 2016, the task group has already greatly expanded the recycling efforts, including office and manufacturing focus.

Lunch-and-learn opportunities was added for employees on topics of sustainability from both a personal and business perspective. Lunch-and-learn topics have included: recycling, container gardening, reducing energy use (electrical, primarily), and water conservation. Lunch-and-learn speakers have included guests from the City of Lawrence, KS Recycling Department; Westar Energy; Douglas County (KS) Master Gardener Program; and City of Lawrence Utility Department. While not all of their lunch-and-learn meetings will include a giveaway item, their employees have already received many eco-friendly products. They have received a PROSOCO-branded reusable bag, flower & vegetable seed packets, LED lightbulbs, and most recently, a shower timer

Their last lunch-and-learn focused on water conservation. The Presenter was Jeanette Klamm, who works with the City of Lawrence, Kansas Utility (Water) Department. She spoke about the Lawrence water supply (where it comes from, how treated, how collected, how returned) and then finished up with information on conservation and using water wisely. Our shower timer was the perfect giveaway for this presentation.

PROSOCO also has a Green Team Operations Task Group that has worked on planting herbs in the front of their building — a living garden they can pick from and use for employee potlucks and luncheons. A fun and environmentally friendly idea! 

If you would like to learn more about PROSOCO, please check out their website: