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Customer Spotlight: Heather Fahrenkrog of Heather’s Gym

Heather Fahrenkrog is the owner of Heather’s Gym and HG Cycle in Libertyville, Illinois. Her passion for health and fitness started at a very young age. Heather grew up in New Jersey with a father who was a bodybuilder titled ‘Mr. New Jersey’ and a mother who was one of the earliest aerobics instructors. Her parents had a tennis/racquetball club with the first Nautilus equipment.

Armed with a dance background, innovative thinking, and gym experience, Heather worked her way through law school as a group fitness instructor in a large fitness facility. After graduating from law school, Heather started her professional career as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois. During her nearly two decades working as an Assistant State’s Attorney, Heather continued to teach group fitness.

In 2014, she started offering her own independent fitness class called "Kettlebell in the Park." It was an instant success. Two years later, she opened Heather’s Gym, a boutique fitness studio and her devoted clients followed her. Heather’s Gym has 12 certified group fitness instructors who bring their expertise and personal style to every class. In 2017, Heather opened Libertyville, Illinois’ first and only indoor cycling studio, HG Cycle which also offers fusion classes with cycle plus yoga, Pilates, or strength training.

Heather recently retired from her job at the State’s Attorney’s office. Since opening Heather’s Gym, Heather has used eco-friendly promotional products to increase enrollment and motivate members. Heather talked with us about her favorite products from Eco Promotional Products and how she uses them at her gyms:

You use Eco’s products in a variety of ways. Can you tell us how you use promotional products?

“I give away the USA Made Tritan water bottles to each new member and they love them! The Heather’s Gym “buff” (Eco Promotional Product’s bandana rally wear), is a special item that cannot be bought nor is it given in a gift basket or raffle. The HG buff can only be earned with a great attitude and crushing it during a class – we have so much fun giving them out and the “winners” pose for a photo that we post on Facebook.”

How do you use promotional products to motivate current members? As a fitness professional, do you think people work out harder when there is a reward/incentive? Do you think other health clubs should do more in this arena?

“We recently concluded a 20-class challenge which was a HUGE motivational tool for members at the end of the year as the holidays were gearing up. Every member who completed 20 classes between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 was entered in the raffle to win fabulous prizes. We posted challenge boards at the studios and members put stickers next to their name for each class completed. More than 300 members crushed the 20-class challenge. I think the boards were a great visual accountability and motivational tool. It wasn’t about what members were going to “win,” I think it was more about individuals reaching a personal goal. I don’t think corporate gyms do much of this. Boutique studios do and it’s the reason people love being in a small, boutique studio! I gave out so many prizes at the end of 2017; it is so positive and creates a strong community!”

There is a lot of competition in the health club market. Do you use promotional products to set you apart from other gyms to help attract new members and retain current members?

“Our success is largely attributed to our class variety, first-class instructors, and community vibe – it sets Heather’s Gym apart from other facilities in the area. Our members always enjoy our promotional giveaways as people always enjoy getting a reward.”

What has been your favorite product from Eco Promotional Products?

“The bandana rally wear, or as we refer to it, the “buff,” is a great item! We use it as a reward for awesomeness! Plus, it’s a lightweight sweatband that stays in place during high intensity workouts. Each year we change the color/style – members love collecting one each year!”