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Driving Positive Change: Custom Name Brand Apparel with Sustainable Impacts

At Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), sustainability is not a buzzword. Since 2008, it has been the foundation of our mission to help brands and organizations of all sizes promote themselves in a more conscious way. There has been a significant shift leaning toward more sustainable apparel selections for promotional use, employee engagement and recognition, holiday gifting, and beyond. As a result, well-known clothing brands are adopting more green strategies to lower their carbon footprint, reduce global pollution levels, and advocate for Earth-friendly fashion.  

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is proud to introduce new custom high-end apparel items with sustainable advantages. Sustainable logoed apparel from fashion-labeled brands merges style and ethical choices together for a powerful impact. Brands can confidently wear their values and stand for environmental and social responsibility. 

Here's a glimpse into some of the latest additions to EPP’s collection of premium customizable apparel with positive environmental and social impacts: 

Choose eco-friendly sweater jackets from The North Face®, where warmth meets environmental consciousness. Made from breathable 100% recycled polyester heavyweight fleece, eco-friendly sweater jackets bring comfort to chilly environments and office spaces. When conscious consumers see embroidered logos on custom sustainable sweater jackets, they associate brands with quality, care, and environmental responsibility. EPP has recycled insulated sweater jackets in both unisex and women’s fits. These are great layering pieces that also double down effective promotional apparel solutions for corporate giveaways and holiday gifting. 

As a member of the Fair Labor Association® (FLA), we are committed to educating customers about ethical business practices and their environmental and social impacts. We appreciate Adidas for its affiliation with the FLA and its growing shift toward slow fashion.  

Customize Adidas® quarter zips made of recycled ocean plastics, available in unisex and women’s fits and inclusive sizes up to 4XL. With a soft and stretchy water-repellent finish, eco-responsible quarter zip pullovers are practical additions to anyone’s wardrobe. Plus, color-contrasting logos on sleeves make recycled Adidas® quarter zip sweatshirts effective branding tools that showcase commitments to sustainability.  

It’s more than fashion. Through responsible high-end custom apparel, brands establish a conscious identity and embrace sustainability into their company culture. Together, let’s help curb greenhouse gas emissions, reduce plastic waste, and provide safe working conditions for factory workers. Shop eco-friendly logoed apparel from EPP for corporate gatherings, employee appreciation gifts, and award ceremonies to make a lasting impact in style.  

Click here to explore EPP’s selection of conscious high-end clothing, offered with sustainable materials and inclusive sizes. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) for more details.