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Earth Day 2015 Wrap Up

Earth Day 2015 was a landmark day for Eco Promotional Products, Inc. Our much improved website was launched to help organizations make better choices for branded products. If you consider the types of items we do not offer versus our well vetted eco-friendly alternatives, the impact is immeasurable. Keep those foam stress balls “off the table” and don’t even make them a choice! Choose sustainable  products that you can trust with your brand. 

Michelle Sheldon, president of Eco Promotional Products, engaged first through fifth graders at an after school program called Aprendiendo/Jugando (Learning/Playing) at Hawthorn’s School of Dual Language in Vernon Hills, IL in an interactive informational presentation about recycled products that show respect for our planet. The children learned about the importance of conservation of the environment and the role every person plays in taking better care of the Earth. For first through third grade the focus was on steps the kids can take to make a difference. The kids shared funny stories about how long their brother/sister showers and how they tell their parents to turn off the water when brushing their teeth. They all agreed that they can help make the world cleaner and safer by picking up litter. Fourth though fifth graders went into a much deeper conversation on global climate change. They talked about the really cold winter we had along with the crazy stories we heard about other warm weather places getting snow. They also discussed hurricanes, drought and allergies and what the kids could do to help make a difference. Check out the Kids Climate Change Action Plan that was also part of the lesson. All the children who attended received seeds for flowers, herbs or vegetables they could plant at home.

Eco Promotional Products donated items to North Central College’s Earth Day celebration. Despite the cold weather, students flocked to the event. While enjoying great food, games, and prizes they learned all about Earth Day and how they can help by developing sustainable habits.

EPP employee, Christine McLean spent yet another year at Kiker Elementary school’s Earth Day event donating her time planting drought tolerant plants that were damaged this past winter. Nearly sixty volunteers came out to the event held by the Kiker Beautification Committee. They weeded, picked up garbage, created borders around existing gardens and planted a new tree donated by the Kiker Student Council.