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Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards for Green Businesses

The holidays are the time for businesses and organizations to thank valued customers, supporters and volunteers for their participation and business over this past year. Express your gratitude with a greeting card containing a personalized message. While green companies may shy away from sending paper cards to avoid paper waste, there are a variety of eco-friendly cards that can be reused, recycled or biodegrade. Your message will be much better received than with an electronic greeting card.

During the holiday season, most people gravitate towards sending cards in December. One way to make your business stand out is to send Thanksgiving cards. Chances are these cards will be the first ones to hit mailboxes and the gratitude theme of Thanksgiving is in line with customer appreciation. Likewise, if you find yourself behind schedule and unable to have cards delivered in December, send a Happy New Year’s Card. These cards will stand out in January.

Eco Promotional Products offers a variety of eco-friendly greeting cards. Recipients will love Earth-friendly plantable seed paper holiday cards that can be planted to grow a garden of wildflowers! Designs are printed on the seed paper that is handmade from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mix of wildflower seeds. These cards are 100% biodegradable. Plantable cards are a perfect way to show your commitment to the environment and recipients will be fondly reminded of you when the wildflowers bloom.

For greeting card purists who still want to be environmentally friendly, choose sustainable greeting cards that are American made, made from recycled paper, recyclable or made from FSC certified paper. FSC certified means the paper used to make the card was sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. Avoid greeting cards with music, ribbon, glitter, felt and other non-paper materials because these items cannot be recycled

Eco Promotional Products offers some suggestions for recycling and reusing holiday cards to keep waste out of landfills:

  • Select cards made from seed paper that can be turned into beautiful flowers. 
  • Paper cards can be recycled. Remember to remove any non-paper items attached to the card and envelopes before putting cards in the recycling bin.
  • Cut off the picture part of the card and reuse it as postcard or thank-you note for holiday gifts.
  • Turn holiday cards into gift tags. Snowflakes on a winter themed greeting card can be cut out and turned into decorative gift tags.
  • Use old greeting cards for craft projects such as making ornaments or bookmarks.
  • Donate your cards to charity such as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Children make new upcycled cards by removing the front and attaching a new back. 

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