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Eco-friendly Marketing & Promotions for the Pet Industry

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet spending in America is expected to surpass $60 billion in 2015. How do pet retailers, dog daycares, dog walkers, pet sitters and veterinarians seize a slice of this lucrative pie? Marketing your business is key. Self-promotion is a must for start-ups and growing businesses. Even established companies should always be thinking of ways to increase business.

Because there is so much competition within the pet industry, visibility is crucial. If you are a pet brick and mortar retailer, invest in signage and banners to make your location stand out. For mobile businesses, such as pet sitting companies or dog walkers, become a moving billboard by putting your company name on your vehicle and always wear promotional apparel with your company name highly visible. You never know where a potential client may spot you! 

Sponsoring or exhibiting at pet events is another important marketing tactic for pet businesses. Exhibit fees at large pet expos may be out of the budget, but there are plenty of opportunities for low-cost or no-cost involvement at other pet-friendly events.

Volunteering your services is always appreciated and a low-cost way to market your business. For companies with bigger budgets, consider adding promotional products to your marketing budget. When exhibiting at a pet expo or other pet related event, hand out a pet-friendly giveaway with your company’s name and logo to keep your business top of mind for pet owners. Ideas for pet-friendly giveaways include pet food can lids, frisbees, dog food mats, scoopers for food or litter or poop bag dispensers. These eco-friendly promotional items are low cost and make great holiday gifts for regular dog walking or daycare clients.

Animal rescue organizations and shelters today are very active on social media. These groups advocate for their animals in need of homes. Tech savvy volunteers spread news quickly through social media because they know the cause depends on the support of volunteers, sponsors and donors. If you provide a service such as grooming, volunteer your services at adoption events or spay and neuter clinics. Work with the rescue organization or shelter to set a fee for nail trimming with proceeds going to the organization. Wear a t-shirt with your company’s business name and have proper signage so people know who you are and where they can find you for future appointments. While there would be a small investment in promotional apparel and signage, these items will help keep your brand visible. 

While mainly not-for-profit, shelters and rescue organizations have become much more corporate minded over the past decade, branded apparel has become a necessity for volunteer heavy organizations. Eco Promotional Products’ employees are quite fond of animals and staff members volunteer their time to animal rescue and adoption. Shelters are open year-round, some even 365 days a year. Dedicated volunteers are typically required to wear branded apparel whether it’s tank tops and tees for summer adoption events and parades or sweatshirts and promotional beanies for cold weather dog walking. Aprons are another promotional apparel favorite for those in the pet industry as they offer lots of room for treats, bags, pens and other supplies. Promotional apparel does not need to be limited to volunteers. Selling branded apparel and merchandise at events is a great way to raise money for your organization and increase awareness.

For eco-friendly pet promotions, visit Eco Promotional Products’ Eco Pet department