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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Campus Safety Awareness Month

College students will be heading back to school soon and many college freshmen will be living on their own for the first time. Every year college students become victims of sexual assault, robbery and a host of other crimes. September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month, which aims to call attention to issues of campus safety.

Colleges and universities across the country are making safety a top priority. Most schools offer peer or campus security sponsored escort services for people walking alone at night, crime victim and witness support services, free self-defense classes, emergency text alerts systems and more. 

When it comes to campus safety, people should always remember the basic fundamentals, especially when it comes to pedestrian safety. Never walk alone, walk in well-lit areas, stay aware and don’t get lost in your headphones or looking down at your phone. If you have no choice but to walk to your car or to your residence alone at night, take advantage of your school’s safety programs, like those offered by Dickinson University

Theft has long been a problem on campuses, especially theft of bikes and laptop computers. Register any bicycle just like a car with campus parking or safety departments. Registered bikes will be given a unique serial or VIN number. This deters thieves and helps retrieve bikes if they are stolen. Laptop computers should also be registered with campus police or other registering department. Additionally, always remember to lock your bike with a U-lock, never leave your laptop unattended in public places and lock your dorm room or apartment door to protect your valuables.

Schools and universities looking to promote their safety services to new students should consider an eco-friendly promotional item imprinted with campus safety phone numbers. A keychain is the perfect vehicle for this as students will always have their keys with them. Keychains made in the USA from recycled tires are an Eco Promotional Products best seller. These keychains are economical and friendly on the environment.

Other useful safety products for college students include recycled sling backpacks with reflective safety strips, safety whistles or LED lighted products. Eco Promotional Products’ Bicycle Safety Light is compact and energy efficient featuring an LED safety light with three settings and has an innovative silicone mounting that wraps around handlebars, seat posts or frame. This light can also be clipped to a backpack or other items for walking/running in dark.  

While campus safety is spotlighted in September, campus safety should be top of mind year round for all students, faculty and staff. Active bystanders and cooperative witnesses are crucial to reducing crime and violence on college campuses.