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Eco Friendly Retail Shopping Bags

It’s nearly impossible to go to a grocery store and not find a branded reusable shopping bag available for purchase. Many local and state governments have passed laws banning single-use plastic bags. In states without such legislation, it’s common that large retailers are required to offer plastic bag recycling within their stores. 

While large retailers are required by law to adopt eco-friendly measures related to shopping bags, small businesses are largely exempt. No matter the size of the business, it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive to offer eco-friendly bags at your store, restaurant or medical practice, and your customers will certainly appreciate it. 

Fitness apparel retailer Lululemon packs customer purchases in uniquely branded recycled, recyclable bags that are instantly recognizable. It’s not uncommon for people to purchase a low-priced item such as a headband or socks just to get the bag. Recipients use these bags over and over for toting things to work, school and the gym. The bags have become walking billboards for the brand. Small retailers can follow suit and showcase their brand on an Eco Promotional Products’ recycled fashion tote

If a larger sized fashion tote is needed, a 16x12x6 bag is ideal for boutiques. Made from 100 GSM premium non-woven polypropylene, these reusable totes feature a cardboard reinforced top, metal grommets, 28 inch-handles and a sewn-in cardboard bottom insert. These large fashion totes are also perfect for galas and award nights. 

If budget doesn’t allow for a high-end gift bag like the fashion totes, there are many eco-friendly bag options with lower price points. Recycled Kraft paper bags are always a popular option. Made from 100% recycled paper, Kraft bags are 100% recyclable & biodegradable. Eco Promotional Products’ Kraft shopper bag or gift bag is made from 100% recycled paper consisting of not less than 95% recycled post-consumer paper and up to 5% post-industrial content.  Another option is a recycled plastic die cut handle bag containing up to 40% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content and up to 20% non-petroleum based calcium filler, which reduces the use of petroleum based resins by as much as 60%. 

Show your customers you are committed to the environment with your custom shopping bag. Add an eco-friendly message to your logo, reminding customers to reduce, reuse and recycle.