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Eco Tech Trend for Promotional Products

By: Eco Promotional Products, inc. 

QR codes are a new, easy way, to get information about a product or business.  A QR code is a two-dimensional code readable through a mobile phone with a camera and smartphones.  The QR code itself looks like a square with an arrangement of black dots.  To the right, Eco Promotional Products, Inc. has a code that when scanned will go directly to EPP’s homepage and online catalog, try it… QR codes are a quick, easy and eco-friendly way of marketing.  Instead of printing out product catalogs for customers, or the risk of outdated information, a QR code would be sent to them instead.  A quick scan of the code sends consumers to information instantly. 

Eco-friendly promotional products are finding more edgy and unique ways of imprinting on clothing, drinkware, and magnets to tote bags. A QR code imprinted on eco-responsible merchandise is the next best promotion.  Similar, however, different, SnapTags are on the horizon.  Look out for more information soon.