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Empower Communities to Start Composting with Sustainable Branding Solutions from Eco Promotional Products, Inc.

Composting is the process of transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. It requires a lot of attention and education to achieve successful results. Community gardens, solid waste departments, city departments, and environmental non-profit organizations can lead composting initiatives to bring people together, raise environmental awareness, and inspire more sustainable practices. Organizations can use sustainable promotional products to stay consistent with their environmental and social values, boosting their brand identity.

Swedish dishcloths are a useful kitchen item to bring awareness to composting. Dishcloths can be branded with any full-color custom imprint, like graphics of compostable items like fruits and vegetables or eco-friendly tips. When cleaning up after meals, recipients will be reminded to compost food waste instead of putting it in the trash. Dishcloths are biodegradable and help reduce waste by replacing up to 15 rolls of paper towels.

For solid waste agencies, city departments, and environmental non-profits promoting composting at tabling events, USA Made Recycled Round Buttons offer subtle and effective brand exposure. Educators can wear these buttons and also give them away after sharing composting tips with whoever stops by. A very budget-friendly promotional item, branded buttons can be customized with full-color recycling symbols or composting messages. Whether pinned to backpacks, jackets, or tote bags, these buttons will spark conversations about waste management and encourage others to take action.

Recycled magnets are fully customizable to be promotional and educational tools for city departments, municipalities, and non-profits, reminding residents to compost waste properly. Magnets are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 50% recycled content. Choose our stock design with 10 tips for successful composting or create a custom design. When using our stock design, organizations only need to add a logo and contact information. Our recycled tip magnet is a super easy and affordable promotional product.

Communities can take their composting journeys a step further after being gifted a custom Compost Kit. These kits are perfect product giveaways for environmentally focused non-profit organizations leading educational workshops about composting, decomposition, or regeneration. Each compost kit comes with a large reusable bucket and a refillable spray bottle, both made in the USA. Recipients will be encouraged to bring the kits to future demonstrations or community garden events. Branded compost kits serve as a visible reminder of an organization’s commitment to promoting sustainability.

Sustainable promotional products are not only great marketing solutions but are also educational tools for communities to remember their environmental impacts and composting experiences. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to partner with Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) today.