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Environmental Benefit to Choosing RPET Promotional Products

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, there is another viral disease we hope to combat: waste. While single use products and containers were in many cases essential to help fight the spread of Covid, a new chapter of being able to adjust back to normalcy is on the horizon. With this newfound buoyancy, there is a lingering sense of uncertainty about how much damage these reusable plastic items did to the Earth. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed for a way to redeem some of the carbon footprint left by this plastic-gate. It can be identified by a simple acronym: RPET.

PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a substance used for plastic bottles and many single use packages like shampoo or fruit containers. RPET, commonly referred to as recycled PET, is a material made after breaking down PET plastic into pellets that can be reused in a multitude of products, from bags to apparel. Our Recycled RPET Produce Bag Set was specifically made with practicality in mind so switching out your plastic grocery bags has never been easier. Not only do we want to reduce the use of single use plastic items, but provide superior alternatives with comfort in mind.

While the overlap in PET and RPET content is large, there is an environmental benefit to choosing RPET products over their conventional counterparts. Both RPET and PET materials can be recycled over and over again without breaking down over time, however RPET production takes about 60% less energy consumption and 40% less water expenditure than producing virgin PET. RPET production also has a smaller carbon footprint, and it's reusable products, like our Recycled RPET Fanny Pack, allow for less waste to be tossed out in the first place. These products also reduce CO2 emissions due to their easy and efficient nature in transportation.

Once a plastic item is recycled, it goes through an extensive conversion process of cleaning, sorting and chipping. The plastic is then broken down into flakes that can be transferred to materials like pellets for bottles or fiber for clothing. This complicated process can make for some difficulty in transparency of tracking manufacturing information. At Eco Promotional Products, we support brands that provide third party verification and 100% authenticity of their recycling process, seen in our Repreve-made Custom Branded Sherpani Sling Bag. Repreve manufacturers provide tracking in every step of the process, from the bottle breakdown to product creation to ensure that the process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

With our selection of RPET products, no longer do you have to sacrifice sustainability for safety. Where reused products are needed most in light of a year marked by increased plastic pollution, let's work together to create a protected world, from the individual to the environment.