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Ethical and Affordable Swag Items for Sustainable Branding

Businesses are making more conscious choices to make sure the products they choose to promote their brands align with corporate values, goals, and actions. Traditional swag items can sometimes be at odds with values, especially environmental, social, and (ESG) objectives. They are typically: 

  • Produced with little regard for their environmental impacts. 
  • Lack transparency about labor conditions. 
  • Made from materials that are not sustainable or ethical in their production, such as petroleum-based and non-renewable resources. 

Discover affordable, ethical promotional product alternatives available for businesses to brand responsibly, champion sustainability and support global efforts for a greener tomorrow. 


Affordable and Ethical Promotional Products 

Travel-sized natural lip balms are great eco-conscious alternatives to traditional lip care products. Mini travel lip balms are made in the USA in a certified B Corp factory with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and recyclable containers. Choose sustainable self-care swag items for tradeshows, student outreach events, and wellness workshops.  

Responsible drinkware products with sustainable certifications are stylish tools for brand promotion and eco-friendly living. Recycled RPET hydration bottles with FSC-certified bamboo lids can be used for corporate gifting, onboarding packages, and waste-free campaigns. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled single-use water bottles, these reusable water bottles help reduce plastic waste, support a circular economy, and align with ESG goals. 

For organizations looking for ethical clothing options, carbon-free performance T-shirts are an excellent choice. Make the conscious choice to beat fast fashion and maximize brand impressions with responsible apparel items like these unisex T-shirts made from recycled 100% polyester, moisture wicking fabrics. They are perfect for team building activities and fitness events. 

Notebooks are common welcome gifts at conferences, orientations, and corporate meetings. Brands with goals to host more green events choose tree-free bamboo notebooks for an eco-friendly twist. Made in the USA with 100% recycled renewable resources from a certified B Corp, eco-friendly notebooks are tangible giveaways that support ethical production and consumption.  

Reusable tote bags made from recycled cotton and RPET make practical promotional swaps to traditional plastic bags. They are perfect for festivals, markets, and other promotional events. Guests will keep their recycled tote bags and have a tool to fight against plastic pollution. For every recycled tote bag sold, one percent of sales is donated to 1% For The Planet and its mission to protecting the environment.  


Interested in exploring more affordable and ethical swag? Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) has been a leading provider of environmentally and socially responsible promotional products for more than 15 years and has economy-friendly options for all promotional needs.  

Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to cut ties with traditional promotional products and start promoting with purpose. View eco-friendly specials here