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Fitness Marketing: Promotional Products to Grow Your Business

February is American Heart Month and exercise is a great way to keep the heart healthy.  While American Heart Month is a great time to promote your health related organization, health and fitness promotions can be done any time of year!

Marketing and promotions are an integral part of any business plan for personal trainers, bootcamp/yoga instructors, cycling studios, Cross Fit gym owners and more. Many people in this industry are small business owners with limited marketing budgets.  

In any business, but particularly in the fitness world, retaining existing clients is more cost effective than attracting new ones. Incentivizing existing clients does not have to break the bank. One of the most traditional ways to incentivize existing clients is to offer a free month or free session for referring new customers. This is a lot easier for larger gyms or fitness center to implement where no individual person has to commit to extra time. If you are a sole proprietor and your hourly rate is $50 per hour, referral fees can add up.

A less costly way and one that doesn’t require manpower is to give a gift of a branded promotional item to customers who sign up for multi-session/multi-month packages. Eco Promotional Products has a number of high quality health and fitness products to fit any fitness marketing budget. 

If you are looking for higher value items with low minimums, a great option is a protein shaker water bottle. Eco Promotional Products’ 24 ounce custom protein shaker is made from highly durable Tritan copolyester and will withstand being dropped on a hard gym floor. The minimum on this product is only 24 pieces. Many other high quality bottles like our Contigo water bottles have 48 piece minimums. The Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle is a favorite among fitness centers and outdoor bootcamp programs as the storage compartment is perfect for an ID. 

Fandanas and cooling towels are two other popular fitness giveaways. Unisex reusable Fandanas have a tubular design that can be used as a bandana, headband, beanie, skill cap or scrunchie! Reusable cooling towels are ideal for keeping cool during a workout or toweling off after. Simply wet, wring and wear. Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material allows cool air to stimulate cooling; wearing a wet towel can lower your core temperature. While the minimums are higher for these items, the per piece cost is much less than the aforementioned water bottles Whether you’re ordering 24 custom protein shakers or 100 Fandanas, the total cost will be in a similar price range.

These fitness promotional products have many other uses other than registration incentives. They can be used as giveaways for healthy competition in classes, birthday/holiday gifts to clients or when a Cross Fit team member achieves a new personal record or wins a competition. Low cost fitness promotional products like Fandanas and cooling towels also make wonderful additions to race day swag bags to promote your business.

Photo from Heather's Gym in Libertyville, Illinois. Women pictured are all wearing our custom multi-functional Fandanas!