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Go Green with Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Promotional Products

Working from home and remote schooling has had a major impact on our daily lives. Office lunches are now at the kitchen table and in-person meetings are now via Zoom. As we transition into a post-Covid world, the products that got us through 2020 will remain popular in 2021.

Following are the best eco-friendly, green promotional products for 2021:

  • Recycled Apparel: Eco-friendly apparel no longer comes from just the well-known eco-conscious brands committed to the environment like North Face, Patagonia and Columbia. Fashion designers are following in the footsteps of sustainable fashion pioneer Stella McCartney and upping their sustainability game incorporating recycled polyester, using deadstock fabric for new designs and switching to vegan leather. Recycled apparel is mainstream and customers are clamoring for more eco-friendly apparel.
  • Custom Socks: Since Stance burst onto the fashion scene a decade ago, custom socks have become the must-have accessory. Custom branded, logoed socks are retail inspired and come in a variety of styles. Branded socks were a best-seller in 2020 as they were easy to mail during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Bluetooth Earbuds: Another item that increased in popularity due to Covid-19 was wireless earbuds. Small enough to mail, custom logoed earbuds continue to be popular for work from home employees, students and outdoor fitness enthusiasts.
  • Insulated Products: No access to a microwave or water cooler? No problem. Insulated bags, water bottles and food storage containers are ideal for on-the-go dining. Insulated drinkware will keep liquids hot or cold for hours. Insulated food storage containers will keep your food warm without a microwave. Great for the office, school or a day out on the slopes.
  • Bee’s Wrap: While single-use plastic bags and plastic wrap are recyclable at drop-off locations, how often do people actually take the time to recycle? With employees working from home and students remote learning, there’s little need for single-use plastic for food storage. Make the switch to custom branded Bee’s Wrap®, a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. Bee’s Wrap is a washable, reusable, compostable, fully sustainable way to store food.
  • Silicone Food Bags: Like Bee’s Wrap, reusable silicone food bags are the eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic bags. Custom branded reusable food bags can be washed and reused time and time again. Some options are even dishwasher safe.
  • Reusable Utensil Sets:  As a precautionary measure, many restaurants have shifted to disposable silverware for in-person dining and takeout. For those who choose to reuse, when placing a restaurant order, say no to single-use utensils and instead use your own set. Custom branded utensil and cutlery sets come in a wide range of materials including bamboo, stainless, wheat straw and more.
  • Air Plant: Caring for plants can relieve stress and anxiety. Air plants require hardly any care so those without a green thumb can still receive the health benefits of plants. Custom branded air plants will bring happiness to recipients.