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Top 15 Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas for 2024

As Halloween approaches, many people are seeking ways to reduce their impact with eco-friendly Halloween decor, costumes, tricks, and treats to celebrate while minimizing their environmental impact. Use the opportunity to promote your business and community using sustainable Halloween promotional products swag, such as reusable outdoor decorations, upcycled costumes and handouts made safely and responsibly, even from recycled materials.

Embracing eco-friendly Halloween party swag can help make this spooky season fun and eco-conscious. Let's explore the top 15 innovative products that are perfect for an eco-friendly Halloween in 2024.


1. Recycled Reusable Grocery Tote Bag 

A grocery tote bag is an excellent promotional item for eco-friendly Halloween swag. These custom bags are perfect for trick-or-treating and provide a sturdy and reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Once Halloween has passed,they can be used for grocery shopping or everyday errands, making them a versatile and long-lasting option. For a creative and unique feel, they can be displayed as part of Halloween decor or incorporated into a Halloween scavenger hunt so your kids and community can have fun searching for treats around the home.

Our recommendation:

recycled grocery tote bags for Halloween party swag


Recycled Grocery Tote Bag | 13x10x15


Made with some recycled materials, these bags are high quality and made eco- responsible FDA compliant forHalloween swag. They help reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability with every use. 

In fact, these bags are crafted from robust 100 GSM premium quality recyclable (where #5 is accepted) non-woven polypropylene with dual reinforced 20" carrying handles, compared to the standard 60 GSM used in grocery bags. This eco-friendly tote can carry the equivalent of 3-4 plastic bags or 2-3 paper bags, and it is tear-resistant and water-repellent.

Customize them with a spooky version of your brand's logo for a memorable and eco-minded Halloween promotional item. Plus, these bags are hand washable, so they’ll stay clean and reusable for years to come.


2. Cotton Canvas Coloring Tote Bag 

A cotton tote makes for a delightful and eco-friendly Halloween swag for party giveaways, offering a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. The bag even comes with six crayons, so you can make this a community activity handout, have a fun Halloween art project at school or work or your kids can have fun coloring it to their heart’s content.

This bag is reusable and durable, which showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility and makes it a perfect choice for trick-or-treating and everyday use beyond the holiday.

coloring tote bag made of cotton with crayons for Halloween swag


Cotton Coloring Tote Bag with Crayons | 15x15


These fun and interactive promotional Halloween bags are made from 100% natural cotton, which is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.

Each bag comes with a set of crayons, providing hours of creative entertainment for children at home or school. Get kids to add spooky artwork or decorate the bag with ribbons, then use them as Halloween decor for your home.

If you’re a brand looking for an ideal Halloween giveaway product, customize these cotton totes with your brand's logo to create a unique and memorable eco-swag item. That way, you promote your brand while encouraging creativity and environmental responsibility with this charming product.


3. USA Made Heavy-Duty Plastic Bucket 

A branded customized recycled polypropylene bucket is ideal for eco-friendly Halloween events focused on sustainability. This USA-made product promotes environmental responsibility and provides a practical solution for handing out candy, trick or treating and after can be used for litter collection and gardening.

It may not be the typical Halloween swag item, but that’s what makes it creative for a more eco-friendly spooky, fun-filled day. Kids can use these buckets for trick-or-treating, decorate the bucket with spooky motifs for Halloween decor, or you can use it as a punch bowl at a Halloween party.

The options are endless for using this heavy-duty at home, in the office, or elsewhere. Get the bucket in one of the many stock colors and customize it with brand colors and logos.

differently colored custom buckets, Halloween swag


Recycled Heavy Duty Litter Clean Up Bucket | USA Made


Colors black and navy are made from recycled polypropylene material, which makes it easy to clean and use repeatedly. The 7-quart bucket with a handle and spout is ideal for garden enthusiasts, collecting litter or rainwater.

Please note that only the black and navy variants are constructed with 30% post-industrial recycled polypropylene.

Regardless of the intended use, these buckets are perfect Halloween swag to help promote eco-friendly initiatives and encourage community participation in environmental clean-up efforts post Halloween. 

This bucket is eco-friendly and budget-friendly, making it an economical choice for a large event such as a Halloween party. Join the like-minded community dedicated to making a positive environmental impact with this eco-conscious product.


4. Silicone LED Bike Light

An LED bike light is a fantastic eco-friendly Halloween item for safety-conscious trick-or-treaters. These lights ensure visibility during evening activities, making them an essential accessory for Halloween night.

Their affordable pricing and customization options make these sustainable promotional products even better for Halloween swag. The LED lights are designed for use in all conditions, from the cold winter during Halloween to the warm summer seasons.

ilicone LED bike light customized with different logos


Silicone LED Bike Light | Reusable


Customize these lights with your brand's logo to boost your brand while promoting eco-conscious practices. Upload custom art, use custom brand colors, or choose between plastic and silicone materials.

Each of these LED lights is reusable and long-lasting and comes with multiple light modes: on, flashing, and strobe. The lights use 2 CR2032 button cell batteries and are water resistant, providing bright illumination to enhance safety for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

These silicone LED bike lights are appropriate giveaways for outdoor events where safety is a priority. They are also a perfect addition to Halloween swag. They ensure visibility for trick-or-treaters during spooky evening activities and are great for outdoor use.


5. USA Made Seeded Animal Bookmark

A seeded bookmark is an innovative and eco-friendly promotional item for a spooky Halloween party. These bookmarks are not only functional but also plantable Halloween swag, offering a unique waste-free way to celebrate sustainability.

You would expect these seeded animal bookmarks to grow some pumpkins, but they’re actually filled with a wildflower mix. They’re made in the USA, so you’re bound to get some breathtaking blooms outside your front door with these unique Halloween promotional items.

Our recommendation:

seed animal bookmarks Halloween swag


Animark Custom Seed Animal Bookmark | USA Made


These animal bookmarks are made from natural biodegradable seed paper that can be planted to grow beautiful flowers, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and helping pollinators. Choose from our lion, dog, bear, or tiger options and plant when you're done reading how to grow wildflowers. 

The seed paper is created with 100% recycled materials, which makes these bookmarks a perfect blend of functionality and environmental responsibility. They are waste-free and biodegradable, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional bookmarks. 

Customize the bookmarks with your brand's logo for a memorable and eco-minded promotional item. Remember to add your preferred customization options on the product page before you add to cart.

They’re also one of the most affordable Halloween swag products that can make an impact on the environment and the community.


6. USA Made Custom Bookmarks With Seeded Shape

Like our animal plantable bookmarks, these custom bookmarks with plantable seeded shapes are unique and eco-friendly Halloween swag items. They’re one of our most popular eco-friendly promotional items for Halloween and beyond because they’re functional and plantable, promoting sustainability and creativity.

Plus, users get to keep the fun uniquely designed bookmark long after planting the seeded shape and enjoying the wildflower mix. This ensures your brand is promoted for months or years to come.

Our recommendation:

plantable seed bookmarks Halloween swag


Custom Bookmarks | Plantable Seeded Shape | USA Made


Each seeded shape is made from natural biodegradable seed paper that can be planted to grow beautiful flowers. They are USA-made and eco-friendly, promoting a sustainable lifestyle. 

Customize these bookmarks with your brand's logo for a memorable and eco-minded Halloween promotional item.

For every order, no matter how small, Eco Promotional Product, Inc. plants a tree seedling on behalf of your organization.


7. Eco-Friendly Wooden Colored Pencil Set 

A colored pencil set is an excellent eco-friendly Halloween handout swag item that’s perfect for creative individuals who enjoy expressing their artistic side. Giving a practical and useful gift can be fun too.

These sets foster creativity and imagination and promote sustainability because they’re safe, CPSIA compliant and made from biodegradable eco-responsible materials, making them a thoughtful and useful choice for the holiday season.

Our recommendation:

colored pencils in customizable boxes for Halloween swag


Colored Pencil Set in Custom Box


Each set has six genuine wooden colored pencils packed in a recyclable paper box. Pencil colors include Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, and Yellow. The custom Halloween promo swag box can be branded with your logo, creating a personalized and memorable promotional item. Encourage creativity and sustainability while promoting your organization with this delightful Halloween swag product.

These pencil sets are perfect for schools, community events, and eco-friendly campaigns. They are budget-friendly and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional art supplies or candy. This creative and environmentally responsible product promotes your brand while supporting eco-conscious practices among current and prospective customers, employees and community members.


8. USA Made Natural, Gluten-Free Lip Balm 

A lip balm is a practical and eco-friendly Halloween giveaway that offers both utility and sustainability. In addition to being an affordable Halloween swag option, it’s ideal for use at home and on the go, allowing you to spread brand awareness wherever this mini lip balm goes.

This thoughtful gift is perfect for keeping lips moisturized during the cooler months. It also underscores a commitment to environmentally responsible products, making it a win-win for both recipients and the planet.

This USA-made product is perfect for keeping lips hydrated during the cooler fall months, whether using it at home or in the harsh outdoor weather in winter.

Our recommendation:

six customized natural lip balms for Halloween swag


Mini Natural Lip Balm | Gluten-free | USA Made


The formula is gluten-free and crafted with high-quality natural ingredients such as beeswax, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E, organic extra virgin olive oil, and aloe vera, providing a smooth and soft texture.

Made in United States in a FDA approved facility abiding by

FDA standards for lip balm, sunscreen products, and all other health and wellness products. The containers are recyclable and consist of 25-30% post-industrial plastic.

Customize the lip balm tubes with your brand's logo for a personalized Halloween touch. This lip balm is perfect for eco-minded individuals and community events. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and its sustainable ingredients ensure it's kind to the environment.


9. Hand Warmer Power Bank Duo 

This versatile and eco-friendly product is perfect for company Halloween sustainable swag and corporate and community party giveaways. It offers warmth to keep hands cozy during chilly fall evenings and serves as a power bank to charge devices, making it a practical and thoughtful gift. 

Be unique and promote your business and get more ROI this spooky season useful and long lasting Halloween and beyond inspired custom promotional products..

Its dual functionality ensures recipients stay warm and connected, highlighting a commitment to sustainability and convenience.

Our recommendation:

hand warmer power bank Halloween swaghand warmer power bank Halloween swag


Custom Hand Warmer Power Bank Duo | 4000 mAh


This compact charging power bank features a 4,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery and also functions as a hand warmer. The branded hand warmer-cum-powerbank heats up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a durable aluminum case.

The power bank provides a convenient way to stay warm and charged during Halloween events, and you can customize it with your brand's logo for a unique and practical promotional item.


10. USA Made Candy in Tin Container

A USA-made candy selection in a refillable and recyclable metal tin offers a sweet and eco-friendly option for a trick or treat during Halloween giveaways. This thoughtful gift satisfies sweet cravings and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, as the tin can be reused or recycled, reducing environmental impact. 

While regular Halloween treats often result in plastic waste everywhere, this unique Halloween swag takes trick-or-treating to another level.

candy tin with white candies


USA Made Candy | Recyclable Tin | Candy Tin – Small

These tins are made from recyclable materials and customized with magazine-quality printing for a stunning presentation. The tins can be filled with any of these four USA made candies: Peppermints, Red Hots, Jelly Beans, or Gum. Once the candy is finished, the tin can be refilled or repurposed to store paper clips, coins, or other small items.

Customize the tin with your brand's logo for a fun and memorable promotional item. They are perfect for eco-minded individuals looking for sustainable Halloween treats.


11. USA Made Reusable Stadium Cups

Recycled stadium cups are a fun and eco-friendly option for Halloween giveaways, bringing both utility and excitement to the festivities. These color-changing cups add a delightful element of surprise, transforming hues with cold beverages and captivating recipients of all ages. They will also align with other spooky Halloween decor. 

Beyond their entertainment value, these cups emphasize sustainability, as they are made safely - CPSIA compaliant and FDA compliant, reusable and help reduce the reliance on single-use plastics, making them a responsible choice for any event.

Our recommendation:

two-tone color-changing stadium cups for Halloween swag


Recycled Stadium Cups | Color Changing | USA Made | 16 oz


The stadium cups are made from recycled polypropylene, which makes them environmentally responsible and durable. The material is BPA/BPS free and Prop-65 compliant, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into drinks.

Customize the cups with Halloween graphics and your brand's logo for a memorable and eco-friendly Halloween swag item to promote your brand while supporting sustainability with these eco-conscious stadium cups.


12. Fair Trade Chocolate Bar Greeting Card

A chocolate bar greeting card is a delicious and eco-friendly Halloween swag item. This product combines the delight of chocolate with the charm of a greeting card that you can give to valued customers, friends, and loved ones.

The custom recyclable packaging is ideal for customizing with brand names and messaging, making it ideal for Halloween promotional campaigns. Add printed gift cards or even Halloween garlands to complete the package.

Our recommendation:

fair trade chocolate bars with greeting cards for Halloween swag


USA Made Fair Trade Chocolate Bar Greeting Card


Dark chocolate sea salt caramel bars are crafted in the USA using certified Fair Trade ingredients. Each bar is handmade with high-quality, clean ingredients that are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. The packaging is fully customizable, recyclable, and can also serve as a greeting card.

Enjoy the sweet taste of sustainability with this thoughtful custom Halloween swag item that promotes your brand while supporting ethical and sustainable practices. You can even extend this promotional item to the Christmas season for the full festive effect.


13. Reflective LED Armband and Bag Tag 

A reflective LED armband and bag tag is a practical and eco-friendly Halloween swag item. These multi-functional products enhance visibility and safety during nighttime activities.

Although this item lacks the spooky vibe, it’s an excellent Halloween giveaway item for employees, clients, and prospective customers who love outdoor cycling or jogging. It will help keep them safe, while the custom branding will promote your brand wherever the wearer goes.

Our recommendation:

Reflective LED armband Halloween swag


Reflective LED Armband and Bag Tag | Multi-Functional


This safety device features a plastic hanger for easy attachment to any backpack, belt loop, or bag. Removing the hanger transforms it into an armband, ideal for outdoor activities like jogging or walking at night. 

It offers three light modes: Standard, Fast Flicker, and Slow Flicker with bright illumination that enhances safety for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Customize them with your brand's logo to give your brand a boost while promoting eco-conscious practices.

You can also choose different product colors, from orange to white and black, and every color in between. This makes the reflective LED armband and tags an ideal, multifunctional Halloween swag item.


14. Recycled Safety Drawstring Backpack 

The Recycled Safety Drawstring Backpack is an excellent eco-friendly Halloween swag that’s perfect for carrying trick-or-treating while promoting a safe and sustainable celebration.

These promotional backpacks are ideal for outdoor use, and you can have your logo and brand prominently displayed on this Halloween promotional product.

Our recommendation:

recycled drawstring with a customized logo featuring a tiger


Recycled Safety Drawstring Backpack | 16x20


These bags are tear-resistant and water-repellent, featuring 1" safety reflective stripes, black draw cords with reinforced corner grommets, and a carrying handle. Made from recycled materials, these backpacks are environmentally responsible and durable. They are perfect for eco-minded individuals and community events. 

Our factory for this product has a robust compliance program that continually assesses and updates product safety. They certify that their products and coatings comply with the CPSIA of 2008, the CPSA of 1972, California Proposition 65, and the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act.

Customize these drawstring backpacks with your brand's logo for a memorable and eco-friendly Halloween promotional swag item.


15.USA Made Unisex Adult & Kids T-shirts

T-shirts are excellent eco-friendly Halloween premium swag items. These USA-made shirts offer a comfortable and stylish option for both adults and children, making them perfect for Halloween inspired costumes or everyday wear.

While t-shirts are great for any business promotional campaign, our t-shirts are even better suited because of their soft, high-quality natural cotton feel. Turn a new page with your Halloween promotional giveaways with this sustainably sourced, eco-friendly custom t-shirt.

Add some spooky fun Halloween decor such as skeletons,,, and cobwebs to form a complete Halloween party feel. Showcase your logo andadd your preferred spooky Halloween artwork before adding your order to the cart.

Our recommendations:

two men wearing green and cream unisex t-shirts


USA Made Unisex Retail Fit T-Shirt 



three model kids wearing short sleeve unisex t-shirts


Youth Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt | WRAP Certified


These t-shirts are made in the USA from sustainably sourced materials, ensuring they are environmentally responsible. 

Both the adult and youth versions are perfect for eco-minded families looking for sustainable clothing options. These t-shirts are designed to be long-lasting, ensuring they remain a staple in wardrobes for years to come.

Promote your brand with these stylish and eco-friendly t-shirts, perfect for Halloween events, community gatherings, and promotional giveaways. They offer a practical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion, making them a thoughtful and responsible choice for any eco-conscious organization. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose eco-friendly products for a Halloween party?

Choosing eco-friendly Halloween decor and giveaway items helps reduce environmental impact by minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. Eco-friendly Halloween swag items are often made from recycled or biodegradable materials, reducing the amount of plastic and other non-renewable resources that end up in landfills. 

From trick-or-treat candy buckets and bags to spooky t-shirts and functional bike and safety LED lights, buying these products means you contribute to a healthier planet and set a positive example for others.


2. Are these eco-friendly Halloween swag items budget-friendly?

Yes, many eco-friendly Halloween swag products are budget-friendly and provide great value for money. Items like recycled grocery tote bags, coloring tote bags, and seed bookmarks are cost-effective promotional items that can be used repeatedly, reducing the need for disposable alternatives. 

Investing in eco-friendly Halloween swag can also save money in the long run by reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.


3. Where are these eco-friendly Halloween products made?

Many of the eco-friendly Halloween swag products featured in this article are made in the USA, ensuring high-quality manufacturing standards and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 

Additionally, we vette the products are produced under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. By choosing sustainably-made products, you supportand promote fair labor practices.