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Happy Labor Day from Eco Promotional Products!

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and it’s a day to celebrate American workers.

Eco Promotional Products’ first priority is to source products made in the USA, many of which are Union Made. Unions protect the rights of a worker and fight for fair wages and working conditions.

We have the highest respect for human rights and we work diligently to protect and respect workers’ rights.  We do not purchase from or conduct business with any company that would participate in forced or compulsory labor or supports child labor based on local country laws. 

Many customers come to Eco Promotional Products specifically for our American made products. Governmental offices are frequently required to follow the Buy American Act which limits the purchase of non-American made products. Eco Promotional Products offer hundreds of eco-friendly promotional products made in the USA including American made apparel, BPA free water bottles, eco bags, eco-friendly awards, health and beauty products, promotional pens and pencils, recycled tire products and much, much more. 

Why buy American made promotional products?

  • Buying American made products is good for the U.S. economy and creates job growth.
  • Products made in the USA are safer. With guidelines like Proposition 65 and compliance regulations such as CPSIA, you know you are buying safe promotional products.
  • American made manufacturers are heavily regulated and have to abide by strict regulations to minimize pollutants and protect the environment.
  • Recipients will notice and appreciate it. We advise many of our customers to add “Made in the USA” to their promotional products to highlight an organization’s commitment to buying American made products.
  • The majority of our USA made eco-friendly health and beauty promotional products are FDA approved and made in an FDA registered facility, meaning the products have gone through extensive safety testing.
  • Buying American made products reduces your carbon footprint by not having to pay for the fuel and energy needed to ship products from overseas.
  • Many of our American made awards are handcrafted by talented artisans and woodworkers. These custom awards are unique pieces honored recipients will want to proudly display instead of tucking them into some dusty old storage place, eventually to end up in a landfill.


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