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High Tech Promotional Product Giveaways with Eco-friendly Benefits

Technology brings the world together and has become a practical tool in daily living. From smartphones to smart homes, technological advancements have transformed the way we communicate, work, and interact with communities. Businesses and organizations are constantly seeking ways to use the power of technology to engage with audiences and elevate branding. However, there is also a growing awareness of the environmental impact linked to the production and consumption of standard tech products. 

With sustainable tech-focused promotional product giveaways, brands can showcase a commitment to corporate sustainability initiatives while addressing environmental concerns, creating conscious work environments, connecting with eco-conscious consumers.  


Customer Favorites: Customizable and Eco-friendly Tech Giveaways 

1. Recycled RPET and cork wireless speakers combine style with sustainability, crafted from recycled PET plastic and cork, a renewable resource. They deliver high-quality sounds and are compatible with Bluetooth devices. Eco-friendly wireless speakers with responsible FCC certifications are perfect for schools, software companies, and recreational centers to show their dedication to minimizing environmental impacts.

Wireless RPET and Cork Speaker

Recycled rPET & Cork Wireless Speaker


2. Solar powered portable chargers are ideal giveaways for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers to stay charged on the go, lasting up to 8 hours. These are practical branding solutions for eco-friendly audiences who value sustainability and convenience and can be incorporated into fun giveaway contests and other engagement activities. Solar power banks are durable and include a micro-USB cable. 


Solar powered portable charger with logo


Solar Power Bank with Carabiner | 4000 mAh


3. Bamboo wireless charging pads transform any workspace to be more practical, offering a wireless solution that reduces cable clutter. Made from renewable bamboo, customizable bamboo charging pads are a must-have for audiences looking for tools to add an eco-friendly touch to their tech startup.   

Bamboo wireless charger with logo


Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Custom Packaging | 5W


4. Eco-friendly wireless headphones made from recycled plastic content certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and 100% recycled faux leather are amazing giveaways for customers, clients, and employees who appreciate responsible production. Recycled headphones have touch button controls, a lightweight and foldable design, and a large battery capacity, totaling up to 16 hours. Plus, for every order, two trees are planted through partnerships with Trees for the Future and Everteen, environmental organizations dedicated to sustainability. Consider these for corporate gifts and high-end tradeshow giveaways.


Recycled headphones sitting on tree bark


Sustainable Recycled Plastic & Recycled Leather Wireless Headphones


5. Branded microfiber cleaning cloths made in the USA from recycled materials are practical accessories for tech enthusiasts. These are great additions to onboarding packages for remote workers, swag bags at conventions, and other events. Keep screens and lenses spotless with these eco-friendly tech cleaning cloths. 

3 recycled microfiber cleaning cloths


Recycled Microfiber Cleaning Cloth | Full Color | USA Made | 6x6


6. Customizable cork mobile phone wallets are trendy and functional solutions to store cards, IDs, and cash. The protective design withstands Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and includes a fabric pull tab for easy card release. Sustainable cork wallet holders are amazing promotional giveaways for concerts, higher education institutions, festivals, and fundraisers. 

Cork mobile phone wallet with logo shown attached to phone

Custom Cork Mobile Phone Wallet | RFID Protected


7. Refillable sanitizers for phones keep devices clean and free of germs without creating waste from disposable cleaning cloths. Logoed phone sanitizers sprays are perfect for conferences and tradeshows and employee wellness programs.  

Phone cleaner sanitizer in 7 colors

Phone Cleaner Sanitizer | Refillable



With one thoughtful giveaway at a time, brands can enjoy more sustainable partnerships, workplaces, and marketing strategies. Shop customizable tech items from Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) today. 

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