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How to Make Your Office Greener in 2018

Is your organization committed to corporate social responsibility? Do you want to do more in 2018?

Following are attainable, sustainable ways to make your office more eco-friendly in the New Year:

  • Choose eco-friendly office supplies. Stock your supply room with pens and notebooks made from recycled content. Opt for refillable options when possible. The very popular B2P Pilot pen is made from recycled water bottles and is refillable.
  • Switch to reusable drinkware and utensils. Ditch single-use coffee cups, single-use water bottles and disposable silverware. Invest in ceramic mugs with your company logo for coffee and tea drinkers. Buy a water cooler and ask employees to bring their own reusable water bottles. Stop offering disposable utensils to employees. If they are not there for employees to use, employees might be more likely to bring their own reusable utensils from home.
  • Go paperless. Most external communication can be done via phone and email, limiting paper usage. For documents that need to be shared among employees in the office, Google Docs is a great way for multiple people to work on one project at once. Dropbox and WeTransfer are both good for storing and sharing large files and all programs eliminate the need for printing.
  • Power down equipment at night. Turn off lights, power down computers, adjust the heat/air so it’s not blasting all night. Some companies put USA made ultra removable decals on light switches and computers reminding employees to power down.
  • Install hand dryers in restrooms. No matter how small your office, a hand dryer can make a huge impact on the environment and save the company money.
  • Recycling. Does your office recycle? If not, talk to building management about recycling options. Once a recycling system is in place, consider giving employees individual recycling bins to keep by their desks. Studies show that people are more likely to recycle if it’s convenient.
  • Adopt telecommuting policies. It may not be in the company’s best interest to have employees work from home all the time, but even one day a week means a reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Become a bike-friendly business. Biking is good for both employee and employer. People who bike to work are usually physically fit which can reduce healthcare costs. Additionally, employees and employers can take advantage of tax breaks with the Bicycle Commuter Benefit. Employees can get $20 a month, tax-free, from their employers and the employers receive a tax deduction.
  • Are you implementing new sustainability efforts in 2018? Let Eco Promotional Products help kick start your programs with eco-friendly promotional products.