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January is National Organization Month: Promotional Products to Keep Your Car Organized

While health and fitness resolutions are generally the most popular come January 1, resolving to get organized is a high priority for many. Organizational promotional products are always appreciated because they are products most people will not buy for themselves. Promotional products that help people get organized are long-lasting and used over and over, keeping your brand or message visible for a long time.

For disorganized people, the clutter can be in every area of their lives, from home to work. To stick with a resolution to be more organized, experts suggest starting small and focusing on one or two areas. A great place to start getting organized is the car. Your car could be a little messy or it could compete for the title of “The Messiest Car Ever.” (If you want to make yourself feel a little better about the mess in your car, read this article from

The first and most important step to getting a car organized and keeping it organized, is cleaning it out completely. Empty everything out, disposing of trash and recycling paper products, soda cans and plastic cups/bottles. If your car is filled with empty coffee cups, invest in a reusable coffee tumbler to keep waste out of your car and help the environment at the same time. After the car is cleaned out and ready to stay organized, the second crucial step is having a garbage container in the car and then emptying it on a regular basis.

Once the garbage is under control, add products that will help you stay organized. Car organization products are ideal eco-friendly promotional products for professional organizers, auto dealers, repair shops, insurance companies and more. 

For messy glove compartments, choose a product to keep all your car paperwork organized and in one place; this may even be in your car’s manual folder. Keep trunks organized with cargo and car trunk organizers which are high value promotional items that will be used for years. Trunk organizers come in a variety of eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton, jute and recyclable polypropylene material. 

Visor organizers are another great product to keep cars organized. Eco Promotional Products’ personalized visor organizer is made from premium quality biodegradable 12 oz cotton canvas. It features an adjustable Velcro fastener, several compartments for cards, sunglasses, pen holder and a large main zippered pocket. 

Now that your car is clean and organized, the resolution is to keep it that way moving forward. says the cardinal rule of keeping your car organized is to take one item with you when you leave it.