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Kicking Off the Year Going Waste-Free and What’s New at EPP

There are big things in store for Eco Promotional Products in 2022. First and foremost, we are excited to launch our new website in the first quarter. It will still have all our great products that you are accustomed to but will also offer upgraded user account capabilities, educational tools, enhanced artwork and more. We had great success last year with drop shipping projects for holiday gifts, virtual event swag and employee recognition. Our customers appreciated us taking care of everything from beginning to end. With remote work and virtual events here to stay, we will continue to expand our drop shipping and fulfillment services.

We are kicking off the year with special pricing on 12 waste-reducing, eco-friendly products from bags to bottles to reusable utensil sets. These products include:

  • Reusable Bags: Nearly all stores are back to allowing customers to bring their own bags. Plastic bag bans that were paused during COVID-19 have been reinstated. Many new bans are going into effect in 2022, including the state of New Jersey. The law bans plastic bags, regardless of thickness, at grocery stores and retail outlets, as well as paper bags at grocery stores measuring more than 2,500 square feet. It also bans polystyrene foam food service products and makes plastic straws at restaurants available only upon request. When it goes into effect in May, it could be the most progressive bag ban law in the country. Whether or not you live in an area with a bag ban, bringing your own reusable tote bags and produce bags makes a huge impact on the environment.
  • Reusable Drinkware: Touchless water refill stations are becoming easier to find at municipal offices, airports, schools and more. To stay hydrated and save money, make sure to always carry a reusable water bottle. Many fast food restaurants allow you to fill up for free at their fountain beverage dispensers so you don’t need to pay for bottled water or use a disposable cup. Making your coffee at home will also help your wallet and the environment. Reusable, insulated coffee mugs and tumblers will keep drinks warm for hours so you don’t have to sneak out of a virtual meeting to reheat your cold coffee in the microwave.
  • Reusable Utensil and Straw Sets: The restaurant industry is still hurting. If you don’t feel comfortable dining in, support your favorite food establishments by ordering takeout.  When packaging to-go orders, the default for many restaurant workers is to add single-use utensils, straws and napkins to the bag. Avoid this by making a note on your online order to not include those. If the order is being packed up in front of you, it’s the perfect opportunity to say you don’t need utensils. We recently heard a story of a woman who was so frustrated with Styrofoam from her favorite restaurant. She finally had enough and when placing their order online, she asked that her order be packaged in paper or a recyclable plastic and the restaurant did just that. Use your own reusable silverware at home and when out and about, carry a compact, on-the-go utensil set like this reusable travel silicone straw and utensil set.
  • Reusable Notebooks: Are you a list maker? Written lists are a great way to keep things top of mind and stay organized, but they are also a waste of paper. Dry erase boards have long been a useful tool to help families stay organized and keep track of schedules. With RocketBook, you can now have the same waste-free organization at school, work and home including grocery lists. The RocketBook Core Director erasable notebook set has 36 pages of synthetic college ruled white lined paper. Write and erase with the Pilot Frixion pen, and wipe clean with the RocketBook microfiber cloth to start over. Using the RocketBook app you can save your notes, drawings, lists and plans to any cloud service. This paper free journal is one of the most eco-friendly around.

For every invoiced order, no matter how small, Eco Promotional Products dedicates a tree planting in the name of the company or individual through Trees for the Future. Additionally, many items now have their own charitable component which will double your donation. We are always growing our product line and welcome any suggestions for items you would like to see us carry. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, please ask. We love custom projects!