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Kids Climate Action Plan

Adults aren't the only ones who can make a positive impact on our planet. There are many ways to get children involved in making our Earth a better place. Below is a list of actions kids can get involved in that was part of an Earth Day educational lesson for children at an after school program called Aprendiendo/Jugando (Learning/Playing) at Hawthorn’s School of Dual Language in Vernon Hills, IL.


  1. Slow down climate change – the increase in earth’s temperature is wreaking havoc for our plants, animals, humans & the environment
  2. Plant trees & plants – they help absorb the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere
  3. Drive less – walk, bike, carpool, take public transportation
  4. Save trees – get bills, magazines and books online. Let the trees soak up carbon dioxide
  5. Save Earth’s natural resources – as our population grows, so does our demand on the earth to give us light, water, heat and food.  We don’t want to run out.
  6. Use less heat and air-conditioning – dress for the weather instead of turning up or down the thermostat
  7. Save Electricity – turn off lights, unplug small machines – just being plugged in uses energy
  8. Save Water – turn off water while brushing teeth (save up to 25 gallons of water), shorten your shower (save up to 150 gallons of water), and turn off water while you lather your hands
  9. Reduce Your Plastic Usage – Plastic bags, bottles & containers are polluting our oceans and land causing harm to humans, animals & plants
  10. Use a reusable water bottle – reduce plastic pollution
  11. Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store 
  12. Bring homemade lunch to school – instead of lunchables, pack a healthy lunch in reusable containers
  13. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – The human population is growing so fast and our earth can’t keep up with all of our garbage
  14. Ask parents to help create a recycling program – Find out the rules in your city and keep as many items out of the garbage. Typical items that can be recycled: newspapers/mail, cans, glass & plastic bottles and containers
  15. Recycled old batteries & electronics – ask parents to help find places in town that take these harmful products out of our land and oceans
  16. Start a school recycling program – talk to teachers and principle of your school. Work together to save our planet
  17. Start a compost at your house – great place to put your uncooked vegetable peelings and fruit cores and skins.  Use it as fertilizer on you own garden
  18. Respect planet Earth – Planet earth gives us what we need for a healthy life – show it back that we are grateful
  19. Keep earth clean and it will treat us all better – Don’t litter, pick up garbage that’s lying around.  This is like a huge hug to the planet


source: Footprints Conservation Society