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Make Bring Your Child to Work Day Memorable and Eco-Friendly

Have you ever wondered how to make “Bring Your Child to Work Day” both exciting and sustainably focused? This annual event, also known as “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day,” is held every year on the last Thursday of April and the 2024 theme is “Inspire 2 Aspire.” Share your dedication to supporting a healthy future and stronger professional spaces through eco-friendly promotional product giveaways. Empower children and guests for a greener tomorrow while fostering a more responsible and conscious workplace.


Sustainable Bring Your Child to Work Day Giveaways

With sustainable branded items, organizations can invite positive change for the next generation of leaders and the planet. Here are a few examples of highly requested eco-friendly promo products to connect young minds, promote family fun, and host a green event:

  • Swap traditional lanyards for ones made from recycled material or made in the USA. Eco-friendly lanyards are perfect for holding name badges for both kids and adults. Add your company’s logo and custom messaging to create a sense of eco-friendly pride.
  • From reusable utensil and straw sets to recycled insulated lunch totes, all made from sustainable materials to complement a plastic free lunch. Encourage sustainable habits that can last a lifetime, help reduce waste, and bring consciousness to your work environment.
  • Kids adore vinyl stickers, so why not introduce them to an alternative with more sustainable advantages? Wood decal stickers are made in the USA, ethically sourced from cherry wood or maple wood, and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Highlight your organization’s commitment to environmental responsibility in a fun and engaging way.
  • Custom bookmarks with seeded shapes offer a dual-purpose gift for “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day.” Children can use them to mark their place in books while also planting their plantable shapes to grow wildflowers or herbs.
  • Apple peel journals help with engaging activities to spark creativity and learning. Tree free journals can be used all day long for jotting down notes, doodling, and drawing. At the end of the day, children can take their recycled apple journals home as a memorable keepsake. Bonus: These eco-conscious journals come scented with an organic apple oil paper insert.


Whether you are hosting children for “Bring Your Child to Work Day” or another family-fun initiative, make a difference with every giveaway when you partner with our team at Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP).

Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to start planning your eco-conscious event.