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Make Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day Memorable with Branded Giveaways

For over 21 years school aged children have participated in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day. Last year 39 million people participated in the U.S. alone. This year’s TODASTW Day will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

At TODASTW Day, children do more than just shadow their parent during a work day. Companies put a lot of time and effort into planning hands-on, unique workshops and activities that will keep kids engaged for the entire day and coming back year after year. Many companies plan this day for months, with different departments tasked with creating interactive age-appropriate activities. Kids will learn more than just their parent’s line of work.

In addition to creating a fun-filled day, companies should consider sending attendees home with branded promotional items that will keep kids remembering the event and looking forward to doing it again next year.

Name badges are a must for TODASTW Day. Children should be asked to wear badges at all times, showing their name and parent’s name in the event someone gets lost. Choose eco-friendly, recycled personalized lanyards that can be customized in full color. Another way to easily identify participants is by asking them to wear a custom t-shirt. Correct sizes can be ordered in advance when you ask for shirt sizes during the registration process. 

Kids enjoy special lunches and ice cream socials that many participating workplaces offer and they will also appreciate goodie bags filled with branded corporate swag. For TODASTW Day, you may have to look beyond the regular items available at your corporate store or within your corporate catalog and choose items appropriate for kids.

Personalized notebooks and pens can be used all day long and taken home at the end of the day. A branded reusable tote bag will allow kids to carry home their creations and mementos. Bags are especially helpful for TODASTW Day events in urban areas where children might be taking public transportation to get to and from the office. Kids and parents will reuse the bag over and over giving the logo high visibility branding.

Other popular promotional items for kids include recycled color changing pencils or pen and pencil sets, personalized water bottles and promotional sunglasses. Sports water bottles are favorite personalized water bottles for kids. 

If you keep the logo specific to your company and not TODASTW Day, any extra promotional items can be given to employees or used for future events.