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National BBQ Month Promotional Products

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to dust off the grill. The summer BBQ season unofficially kicks off in May which is also National BBQ Month. While many BBQ enthusiasts will grill outside no matter the weather, others prefer to stay indoors until the temperatures rise. May is also the start of the summer festival season and many of these fests center around BBQ food and BBQ competitions.

Eco-friendly promotional products are a great addition to any BBQ event whether these products are prizes for competition winners, branded products available for purchase or giveaways.

Apparel is a must-have promotional item for festivals. Volunteers may be required to wear branded apparel. Branded t-shirts, aprons and hats with the festival slogan are also popular items for purchase.

High value BBQ themed promotional products make great prizes for competition or raffle winners. Products include Coleman® coolers, BBQ utensil sets or Bluetooth Thermometers. Eco Promotional Products offers two eco-friendly BBQ sets. This eco-friendly BBQ set comes complete with utensils made with FDA compliant materials. Utensils are constructed of stainless steel and bamboo and are packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard cylinder with recycled paper stuffing. Includes fork, spatula, tongs and 20 wooden skewers. Another option is the eco-friendly bamboo BBQ gift set that comes in an all natural bamboo case. It includes spatula with cutter, tenderizer and bottle opener, tongs, cutting knife, silicone basting brush and fork. Personalized coolers from Coleman® feature high-density foam insulation for maximum thermal retention, and the eco-friendly insulation does not contain CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs which deplete the ozone. These USA Made coolers will last for years! 

The aforementioned high value promotional products are also great prizes for company picnics. Lower cost giveaways or favors for all ages include recycled sunglasses, reusable water bottles and Frisbees.

Outdoor events produce a lot of waste but steps can be taken to reduce the amount of disposable drinkware and silverware that ends up in the trash. As an event organizer for a festival or a large company picnic, consider giving attendees a reusable utensil set and a reusable souvenir cup for beverages to cut down on waste. If these products are out of the budget, minimize your events’ carbon footprint by setting up recycling stations and choosing easy to eat finger foods that can be eaten without utensils.