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National Parks and Recreation Month Play on July

July is National Parks and Recreation Month. The National Recreation and Park Association is challenging everyone to “Get Their Play On” at parks across the country. Municipal parks, recreation departments and county forest preserve districts’ missions are to give citizens access to open land. Thereby, allowing people to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor recreational facilities. These municipal organizations are committed to sustainability but also must be mindful of budgets and make fiscally responsible purchasing decisions.

Choosing eco-friendly promotional products does not have to be any more expensive than typical outdoor promotional favorites like sunglasses and Frisbees. 

Foam products like stress balls, “we’re number one” fingers and sun visors are often used for promotional giveaways for outdoor events, but products made from Styrofoam are extremely harmful to the environment. These products cannot be recycled and will end up in landfills. As an organization committed to the environment, walk the walk and choose promotional products in line with your mission. 

Following are the top 10 eco-friendly promotional products for Parks and Recreation Month that will encourage people to “Get Their Play On.”

  1. T-shirts: For “Get Your Play On” events: Have staffers wear branded eco-friendly RPET t-shirts made from 50% recycled P.E.T/50% cotton.  Each t-shirt contains approximately 5 recycled plastic bottles.
  2. Baseball hats: Great for staff and giveaways to keep heads and faces protected from the sun while outdoors.
  3. Bike products: Encourage bicycle riding on park trails with products like custom bike bells, LED bike lights and pant straps to keep pants out of bicycle chains.
  4. Frisbees: Recycled flyers will get people of all ages playing in parks. 
  5. Cooling Towels: Reusable cooling towels are a must-have for watching baseball and softball games on hot summer days. Simply wet, wring and wear. 
  6. Water Bottles: Keep plastic bottles out of your park garbage bins with custom reusable water bottles. There is no better way to promote health, play and a commitment to the environment.
  7. Sunglasses: Promotional sunglasses are made from recycled plastic and are available in both adult and child sizes.
  8. Sunscreen and Bug Spray: Playing outside is no fun when it results in  sunburn or bug bites. USA made sunscreen and bug spray will keep people protected and comfortable while having fun outdoors.
  9. Sling Backpacks: Recycled sling backpacks are popular for kids during the summer. They are highly durable, lightweight and easy to wear while riding a bike. 
  10. First Aid Kits: Minor scrapes and cuts are unavoidable when playing. Recipients will never be without bandages and ointment again with compact USA Made first aid kits.

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