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Planet vs. Plastics: Best Zero Waste Promotional Products for Earth Day

EARTHDAY.ORG is bringing awareness to the world’s fight against plastic pollution with this year’s Earth Day theme, “Planet vs. Plastics.” At Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP), we often reflect on the environmental and social impacts of single-use plastics and how providing a large selection of long-lasting, sustainable promotional products is a step in the right direction.  

Through education and collaboration, our team educates customers on the importance of rejecting gimmicky junk that is likely to be tossed away. Together, we embrace the value of more sustainable promotional alternatives and contribute to more resilient business practices and a healthier planet.      
Promote with Purpose      
Planning to host a plastic-free event or encourage more eco-friendly community behaviors? As the safe place for socially and environmentally promotional products, EPP has supported organizational efforts to achieve these goals and host earth-friendly events. Non-profits, colleges, universities, municipalities, environmental advocacy groups, and other organizations find EPP to be a reliable partner to increase brand awareness while embracing the environmentally conscious themes of Earth Day and other sustainable initiatives. Choose EPP’s eco-friendly branded merchandise with zero waste advantages to promote with purpose.       
Plastic-Free Promotional Products for Earth Day 2024      
This Earth Day, align with the theme and choose the planet. Select plastic-free sustainability sourced alternatives and develop marketing strategies with climate action goals. The products listed below are a few customer favorites that are also sustainable product swaps to single-use plastic items: 

  • Showcase sustainable brand values with branded glass food containers. They are effective promotional giveaways for waste-free lunch programs, dining experiences, and the best eco-friendly left-over containers. Made with heavy-duty glass and a bamboo lid, reusable food containers help eliminate the use of plastic food storage in the workplace or at home and keep food fresher for longer.  
  • USA made bookmarks with seeded shapes are green, budget-friendly promotional items that win every crowd over. Recipients enjoy the environmentally conscious experience that comes from their biodegradable bookmarks. Users can give back to the environment by planting seeded shapes embedded with wildflower seeds. Brands customize bookmarks with eco-friendly slogans, designs, and colors for a lasting impact.  
  • Everyone can get behind a free promotional bag. Luckily, EPP has a wide selection of reusable bags with long-lasting and durable designs. 100% organic tote bags are effective product giveaways to drive foot traffic at conferences, tradeshows, and local community events while eliminating single-use plastic bags. Support plastic reduction goals at local food markets and events with EPP’s mesh cotton produce bags. Their foldable design makes them easy to store away in larger bags or trunks and encourages users to keep them for years.  
  • Reusable drinkware products made of durable stainless steel materials are perfect alternatives to flimsy single-use plastic water bottles. Offer stainless water bottles to promote safe drinking, plastic-free hydration, and sustainable living. Refillable water bottles are amazing welcome gifts and giveaway prizes to support environmental education efforts. Recipients will also help brand logos and designs gain impressions with every sip. 

Browse our website for eco-friendly promotional products to join the “Planet vs. Plastics” movement. Get ready to make lasting impressions and see the advantages of branding responsibly during Earth Day celebrations, waste-free campaigns, and environmental education events.  

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