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Plantable Promotions: Choosing the Best Seeds for Your Area

Spring is officially upon us and soon the entire country will be planting flower and vegetable gardens. Eco Promotional Products has a variety of low cost plantable promotions that are perfect for any time of year, but are most popular during the spring and summer. Many of these products offer a choice variety of seeds and customers frequently ask which seeds the best choice for their region and which ones are easiest to grow.

Herbs are easy to grow both indoors and out, but some herbs require lots of sunlight. Basil, for example, does best with 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. In the south, basil is best moved to shade during the hot afternoon hours. Chives are one of the hardiest herbs you can plant. They grow very well in containers. Chives are also perennials so once you plant them, they’ll come back year after year. You can move the containers indoors, however, they do prefer a bit of sunlight throughout the day. So choose a spot where they can get sun in the winter.

Annuals are also very easy to grow and will grow almost anywhere as long as they are watered. Annuals include herbs, Cosmos, Marigold, Zinnia, Poppy, Sunflower and Bachelor Button. People who plant in the hot south should not start most plants in the hottest part of summer. Plant in spring and they will bloom all summer/fall. Cosmos, Marigolds and Poppies are drought resistant, needing less water. Choosing drought resistant plants is a great way to conserve water.

In Northern climates, most perennials die off in the fall/winter and come back in the spring. In warmer climates select perennials can grow year round. The Wildflower, Butterfly, and Bee Mixes we carry contain both perennials and annuals. Be aware that while the annuals in these mixes will do well in most areas, the perennials included are not heat tolerant and may struggle in warmer climates with intense summer temperatures. 

People in the Deep South or dessert areas can always grow their herbs and flowers in containers on a patio where the sun is not beating on them 8 hours a day. With a little care, Bamboo and Money Plant are both easy to grow indoors and can last for years.

Potted seeds require significant light and warmth to start the growing process. When using plantable promotions within an office environment, encourage recipients to place them near a window, by a desk lamp or bring them home, especially if the heat gets turned off at night or on weekends. Don’t forget to give your seeds plenty of attention to make sure they stay properly moist. Once your seedlings have sprouted, watch the weather. Most should stay indoors until two weeks after the last frost. 

Eco Promotional Products is happy to make recommendations on seed choice based on your promotional campaign and climate.