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Promotional Ideas for National Children's Dental Health Month and National Dental Health Month

February is National Dental Health Month and National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM). The American Dental Association along with the ADA Foundation spearhead the educational initiatives for NCDHM and this year’s theme is “Sugar Wars.”

February is a great time for dental practices to self-promote within their offices as well as at schools, park districts, YMCAs and other community organizations. The ADA offers a slew of informational items and literature for dental and health practitioners to use when doing community outreach. Adding a branded dental promotional product will keep your practice top of mind for months to come.

School children frequently forget to tell their parents about school presentations. While dental practitioners are graciously donating their time to teach children about dental health, there is also an opportunity to gain business. When it comes to choosing dental providers, children are not the decision makers. Dental practitioners need to make sure their contact information is sent home to parents who are responsible for health decisions. A dental promotion is a cost-effective add-on to any dentist’s marketing campaign and one that is sure to be seen when parents unpack backpacks.

Custom toothbrushes are a perfect dental giveaway any time of the year. Eco Promotional Products offers two varieties of toothbrushes made in the USA. Toothbrushes never go out of style and never go to waste. Dentists and health care providers can order high volumes of wholesale toothbrushes to give away in February and any extras can be distributed to patients throughout the year. Many dental practitioners use custom toothbrushes to market dental practices at 4th of July parades and Halloween events. Extra custom toothbrushes can be donated to homeless shelters where personal care items are always needed.

Toothpaste squeezers are another long-lasting dental promotional item. Toothpaste tube squeezers also teach children not to waste by using the entire tube of toothpaste. Eco Promotional Products’ USA Made toothpaste squeezer is easy to use. Simply insert tube into slot and push from bottom to top. Eco Promotional Products’ dental promotional items can be found here.

February is also National Pet Dental Health Month sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Owners often neglect their pets’ teeth which can lead to long-term health issues. Veterinarians can also market their practices with custom toothbrushes for dogs and cats. Any extra toothbrushes can be used as giveaways at pet expos or as holiday gifts for clients. Please call 877.ECO.WINS for details on custom pet toothbrushes.

Remember toothbrushes and toothpaste can be recycled! Tom’s of Maine and Colgate both offer recycling programs in partnership with TerraCycle.


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