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Promotional Products for Eco-friendly Clean Up Events

Imagine taking a walk in the neighborhood, in a forest preserve, or on the beach, and instead of seeing beauty, there’s trash and plastic debris scattered around. It’s not a pretty picture, and it is all too common. Team cleanup events are a sure way to start making a difference in the world and help protect our environment, our people, and our pets.  

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) supports non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, schools and universities, municipal departments, conservation centers, and Keep America Beautiful affiliates with clean-up and beautification events by offering eco-friendly branded items that align with sustainability goals to keep the planet clean and inspire climate action. Higher education institutions and corporations participating in community service projects proudly add logos to EPP’s product selection too. Build a strong and conscious marketing presence while caring for the environment. 

Sustainable promotional products are used as company and team swag and seen as tokens of appreciation for employees, community members, and volunteers joining outreach events, educational workshops, clean up events, and nature walks. The items below can be customized with company names, logos, and engaging messages to reinforce brand values for a cleaner planet: 

  • Recycled tote bags help organizations carry the message of sustainability with every use. Made from 100% recycled PET fabric, attendees can confidently pick up waste with a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Eco-friendly laminated bags can be wiped clean and are extremely durable, holding up to four times the load of plastic bags. Recycled bags can be reused for grocery shopping, traveling, and future clean up events.  

  • Reusable branded gloves are practical giveaways for clean-up campaigns. They give participants protection from hazardous and sharp materials and reduce the use of disposable gloves that contribute to landfill waste. EPP’s reusable gloves are made of breathability and durable latex-free materials and are washable for future events.  

  • Embroidered beanies, made from a sustainable recycled polyester blend, lower environmental impacts during and after production. They provide warmth for participants in colder climates and are walking billboards for brand logos and messaging. Recycled beanies are eco-friendly stylish accessories for clean-up events and other environmentally conscious campaigns held in the Fall and Winter.  

Make a confident statement that boosts brand awareness and environmental stewardship with EPP’s sustainable promotional products. Partner with EPP for America Recycles Day, Campus Sustainability Month, National Clean Up, and other eco-friendly themed events promoting environmental protection.  

Act towards a greener future for all. Call 877-ECO-WINS (877-326-9467) to place an order for upcoming clean up and beautification projects.