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Promotional Products for National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month is celebrated every June. Organizations promoting themselves during this month include dairy farmers, creameries, manufacturers of dairy products, coffee and cereal products, ice cream and frozen yogurt stores and more. The goal is to generate awareness to the nutritional benefits of drinking milk and increase dairy consumption.

Whether you are trying to promote milk, cheese, coffee creamer or butter, there are numerous eco-friendly promotional products from which to choose. Children age 2-11 years consume about twice as much milk as adults. If children are the primary audience for your National Dairy Month promotion, personalized cereal bowls are sure to be a hit. Eco Promotional Products ceramic cereal bowls are made in the USA and come in a variety of colors. Reusable straws are another great product for children. Disposable straws are incredibly wasteful as they cannot be recycled. BPA free reusable straws with a dairy friendly message will encourage children to drink more milk and keep disposable straws out of landfills.

Children and adults alike will have fun with a cow shaped cookie cutter. Cookie cutters are fun, creative and memorable! Cookie cutters are household keepsakes that will be used for a lifetime. Eco Promotional Products’ cookie cutters are made in the USA from recycled and recyclable metal. Cookies are frequently made with butter and many people will agree there’s no better way to enjoy cookies than with a cold glass of milk.

For National Dairy Month promotions aimed at adults, coffee mugs and serving trays will be used time and time again. More than half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis and 62% of coffee drinkers use cream in their coffee. Personalized coffee mugs with your National Dairy Month message will remind recipients to add milk or cream to their coffee every time they drink from the mug. Choose from traditional ceramic, corn plastic, or unbreakable recycled plastic mugs as well as a wide variety of high quality travel tumblers. 

Promoting cheese instead of milk? Choose an eco-friendly bamboo cutting board/serving tray for cheese plates. Eco Promotional Products’ serving pieces are made of naturally anti-microbial bamboo and are biodegradable. 

Remember, National Donut Day is celebrated in June and milk is always the perfect accompaniment to a donut.